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    Good Lawyers in TN?

    I had a run in with the 'Law Enforcement' today that left me with one less gun, and I am wondering if there are any good lawyers in TN that deal specifically in gun laws and the like? Any suggestions would be appreciated, because I have to be in court in two months, and if I dont have some sort...
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    Just curious.

    Hi, I just picked up a new revolver, well, new for me, it seems to be fairly old. Does anyone know how I might find out the exact age of this gun? Its an Arminius Titan Tiger, 38 special snub nosed. Yes, I know Arminius is not the best gun, probably on par with Hi-Point, but it was cheap, and...
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    Colorado gun sales skyrocket?

    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8504577/colorado-gun-sales-soar-after-shooting So... I know certain people think the Colorado theater shooting was a government plot to ban guns, if that was the case, then I think it backfired, if not, then 2A just got a whole mess of new supporters. Also not...
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    Nashville/Surrounding Area Meetup?

    Not positive this hasnt been brought up before, but would anyone be interested in a meetup/lunch type event around here?
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    Curious as to any OCers around Springfield/Greenbrier?

    Hello everyone, Im waiting on my permit right now, just wondering if there were any of you that carry regularly in Springfield/Greenbrier area? I see a lot for Nashville and other larger metro areas, but Im curious about the OC experiences around this area? Any stories, good or bad, would be...