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    Magazine Capacity

    imported post When I first purchased my rifle at the Gun Show I was told by the dealer that if I wanted to use it for hunting, I would need to purchase a 5 round magazine apart from the 30 magazine it came with. I have been told this by three dealers, both hunter uncles and other individuals...
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    Bayview Compass ask about OC

    imported post http://bayviewcompass.com/archives/1100 A few people with little to no knowledge of firearmsposting they are afraid of guns and people who own them. Let's answer the question posted and not get into pissing matches with the people who have posted previously.
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    Going to California

    imported post Just found out Imgoing to CaliforniaAND Im leaving in a few hours:shock:.While I was packing I came across a rather important letter. Dont let this thread spark discussion of my case as I wont be on for a few days to quell it myself. Notice of Hearing Case No. 2008GF000111...
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    Visiting County and City Reps

    imported post I will be going to Milwaukee County Courthouse and City Hall Friday the 19th to try and speak with my representatives about the Open Carry petition and try to get some support behind it. My County rep is Marina Dimitrijevic and my Alderman is Robert Donovan and he ishead of the...
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    Wisconsin Open Carry Pamphlet

    imported post This thread is being started to begin the compilation of an Open Carry Pamphlet for Wisconsin. Any advice would be appreciated and hopefully we can have a pamphlet ready soon.:)
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    Intent to open carry in Milwaukee

    imported post Hi, I'm new to these forums as a member but have been coming here as a guest for some time. I've noticed that there seems to be no one in Milwaukee willing to get the OC started, but I was never one to wait for others. So I am going to start open carrying around Milwaukee County...