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  1. turborich

    My experience at the N/E Metro sub station

    Okay, So I bought a firearm (private party) I know it's legit, but just for peace of mind I figured it wouldn't hurt to have the serial number checked. First I called Metro non emergency, the call taker transferred me to a dispatcher who put me on hold while she checked to see what was...
  2. turborich

    Southern NV open carry facebook have anything to do with this site?

    The reason I ask is because one of the moderators over at "Southern Nevada Open Carry" Facebook page is a complete ****** and is attempting to throw his weight around by telling people what they can or can't say and banning people from the group. Reminds me of the kid who always ran his mouth at...
  3. turborich

    What happened to Goodfellas Piizza? Craig and Lamb

    I drove by today and the sign was down and it was closed. A temp sign read something about a new place opening soon. Anyone know?
  4. turborich

    Washington Open carrier wins 15K lawsuit against police dept.

    Cop drew his firearm on a legal open carrier and didn't know the law. This man is standing up for ALL of us! http://gunssavelives.net/blog/gun-laws/video-washington-open-carrier-awards-15k-settlement-after-cop-drew-gun-on-him/
  5. turborich

    Why does "mayors against guns" have a banner on this site?

    I couldn't believe what I just saw here on Open carry. A big banner add asking people to support SB221. :banghead:
  6. turborich

    video recording the police

    There will be a news piece on this subject Monday night at 10 pm on channel 5 KVVU Las Vegas. Thought some of you may be interested in seeing it. From what they showed it appears if the police are saying that video recording them interferes with their job. I will be watching this on Monday.
  7. turborich

    James Yeager speaks down on open carry

    Any comments? http://youtu.be/dxvOjO7XjMU
  8. turborich

    A buddy of mine was threatened for OC today

    A buddy of mine usually OC's just about everywhere that he goes. He's not a show off or a trouble maker however he likes to have his firearm on him and there should be nothing wrong with this since it's legal. I think he made a mistake but it shouldn't have escalated the way in which it did...
  9. turborich

    Sparks, NV. Video regarding open carry in Nevada

    Have you guys watched this video? Pay attention to the NRS that allows a police officer to detain you and/or seize your weapon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj_13oQHPJ8 I would like to hear your thoughts on this video.