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    Had my bag searched outside of a sterile area of an airport without consent..

    I came out of an airport last week, and while waiting in a food court for my ride to get there I decided to discreetly put on my holster(thinking that my ride would arrive soon). Im pretty sure I could have carried in that area if I wanted to, but I did not want to for obvious reasons. A TSA guy...
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    Traveling to Socal, girlfriend conserned about OC'ing in bad parts of town. Advice?

    Hello, Im going on vacation with my girlfriend and we will be passing through and spending a night or two in some "bad parts" of long beach - I am told. Ive never been to socal, but she has been down their a lot. Her brother and sister which live in LA and have been to these bad parts(and...
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    Good, unbias video on open carry

    I dont know if this has been posted before or not. I tried using the search function to see if anyone else posted this but it didnt turn up. So if this has been posted before, sorry. Its a great video, and I show it to friends and family to help them understand open carry. It shows both sides of...
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    My first 12031e check. Menlo Park, CA

    Hey guys, just had my first e check and figured I would post it. Im new to open carry but I have been open carrying every day since I started. Ive carried quite at bit in Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Los Altos. Im not sure if "the movement" has spread down to these cities, ive never seen anyone...
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    Two questions about open carry.

    Hello, I'm new to open carry, but have been doing my best to support the movement. I have two questions that I hope someone can help me with. I used the search function to no avail :( 1st: Can you carry on a state beach? I know you cant carry in state parks and was wondering if their the same...
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    How can a local ordinace ban open carry if its legal in the state?

    Im not familiar with law and was wondering how this works. Im from California where UOC is legal(no license required). However, I hear that LA wants to ban open carry within its city limits. I was under the impression that local law can not preempt state law(i.e a city cant have a drinking age...
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    Unpleasant encounter with a sheriff in Mendocino national park

    Unpleasant encounter with a sheriff in Mendocino national forest Hello, Im new to opencarry.org. I've been lurking for a while and decided to join. As the title says, I had an unpleasant experience while in Mendocino. This doesnt have anything to do with open carry specifically but I am...