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    Bug out Bag/GOOD Bag

    imported post Bug out bag, GOOD bags (Get Out Of Dodge bags), whatever you call them they are all the same thing. Does anyone have a bug out bag/GOOD bag? I just made one tonight and have an assortment of things in it. I was just wondering if anyone else has the same thing? in case you...
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    Talked to a sheriff

    imported post I talked to former Sheriff William Earl today. He is the former sheriff of rapides parish and I had a chance to ask him about open carry. He said that, in his opinion, it is ok in the home/car/workplace but if everyone on the street decided to open carry without a permit we would...
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    Emailing Sheriff

    imported post I have decided to email the Rapides Parish sheriff and will call his office to see just what the big man says about open carry in this parish. I also might shoot an email over to the ole Governor Jindal. I know he is 100% supportive of the second ammendment, but it will probably...
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    Obtaining a copy of the laws on open carry

    imported post Where could I obtain a copy of the laws in Louisiana regarding open carry so when confronted by an ill-informed LEO I can hand him or her a copy?
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    Big Al's guns

    imported post It's a great store. They have blue label glocks for military and law enforcement. The guns are $440 plus tax and come with three magazines. Al is also willing to bargain and does trades. Anyone in the Pineville, Alexandria, Ball, Tioga area should consider stopping by for some...
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    Just started my new job....

    imported post I just graduated Monday and I have a job! I'm working at Big Al's Guns on Main Street in Pineville. Come by and see me!
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    Age to OC

    imported post How old do you have to be to Open Carry in Louisiana? I am 19 and am unsure of if the same 21 and up law applies to Open Carry that applies to concealed carry. Before you say I am too immature to carry a gun, do realize that I am trying to educate myself before I start carrying...