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    Of Shooting Galleries and Gun-Free Zones by Jennifer Abel

    This appeared in The Bristol Press on 12/14/2008 I sent an email to editor@bristolpress.com today and asked him to re run it. Of Shooting Galleries And Gun-Free Zones by Jennifer Abel Originally published as "Who has advantage in a Gun-Free Zone?", Bristol Press, Middletown Press and New...
  2. J

    Pistol Scare at Middletown City Hall

    Hartford Courant 6:15 p.m. EST, February 23, 2011 MIDDLETOWN — Police were called to investigate a report that someone was carrying a pistol inside City Hall Wednesday morning. A man - who was later identified as a retired state trooper – was surrounded by officers who drew their weapons...
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    Bristol Cop hoarding firearms

    In todays Bristol Press: Veteran sergeant suspended for hoarding firearms Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:12 PM EDT By LISA BACKUS staff writer BRISTOL — A decorated veteran police sergeant has been issued a three-week suspension for procuring guns associated with crime incidents for himself and...
  4. J

    intended victim shoots mugger in New Haven

    imported post From the Hartford Courant: Intended Victim Shoots Apparent Mugger Doug Stewart FOX CT 2:39 p.m. EDT, April 26, 2010 E-mail Print Share Text Size NEW HAVENA would-be mugger was shot after an argument with his intended victim Monday afternoon, witnesses said. New...
  5. J

    CCDL in the news

    imported post Extracted from todays Hartford Courant Article about yesterdays Tea Party: Scott Wilson, president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, also took the microphone, insisting that Americans need to protect their right to bear arms. Government is trying to restrict the...
  6. J

    Citizens Compaint re: AG and CSP

    imported post view YouTube link for video FYI. CCS Comment: It is totally incomprehensible that the CSP would make the applicant attempting to change a Certificate of Eligibility for Pistol or Revolver to go through the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) to change the Certificate to...
  7. J

    Bristol Walmart

    imported post I went to the Walmart in Bristol today. They no longer sell rifle or handgun ammunition. The only had shotgun shells. Are all Walmarts in the state doing this?
  8. J

    Two elderly men attacked in barber shop

    imported post Remember the people posting on the Republican American website www.rep-am.com a couple of weeks ago and outraged that someone would have to carry a gun while getting a haircut? Remember it was about the guy that forgot his gun at the barbers office and was arrested for Reckless...
  9. J

    Naugatuck man forgets gun

    imported post From todays Republican American http://www.rep-am.com Naugatuck man faces charge after loaded gun found at barber shop NAUGATUCK -- A man who got his hair cut at the Cutting Crew in Mountview Plaza forgot one very important item when he left: his loaded 9 mm handgun...
  10. J

    Letter I wrote in Plymouth Connection Newspaper

    imported post Here is a copy of the letter I wrote that was published in the November issue of my local community newspaper. Dear Editor, During the Public Hearing on the Blight Ordinance on October 20th, Mayor Festa said something that got my attention. He said, “There is nothing in any...
  11. J

    Trooper Shoots Himself In Finger

    imported post 10/21/09 A state trooper injured his finger in a shooting accident at the state police firing range last week, police said. The trooper, a sergeant at the Troop K barracks in Colchester, shot himself during what is known as a "live-fire" training exercise at the state police...
  12. J

    New Haven Gun buy back program

    imported post I hope they call SLFUto get approval for each transaction.Is it possibleto set up a table nearby and offer $150 per gun? Such a shame that they are going to destroy the guns instead of reselling them. Story below: New Haven shoots for safe streets Gun buy back program starts...
  13. J

    20 guns considered arsenal and seized by police

    imported post a sawed off barrel is not illegal. If the barrel was shorter then 16" or over all lengths was less then 26" then that's a problem. No mention here if police obtained an " at risk" warrant...
  14. J

    Number of Pistol Permits issued by Town

    imported post Attached you will find the number of permits issuedin Connecticut by townas of 3/23/09
  15. J

    Firearms Industry Press Conference

    imported post On Monday, March 16, 2009 11:30 AM Rep. Miner has reserved Room 2A in the Legislative Office Building for a Press Conference with Firearms Industry in conjunction with the gun bills being heard in Judiciary Committee: * S.B. No. 353 (COMM) AN ACT CONCERNING THE MICROSTAMPING OF...
  16. J

    Urgent need for information for Declaratory Judgement case

    imported post Today Judge Cohn has requested from Attorney Baird any and all information relating to corespondce to the Department of Public Safety regarding conclealed/open carry. If you have ever sent emails and /or letters to the Department of Public Safety, State Police, Special Licensing...
  17. J

    Plymouth Town Hall gun policy

    imported post Plymouth resident opposes Town Hall gun policy Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:05 PM EDT BY DIANE CHURCH Staff writer PLYMOUTH — A local resident is up in arms about a new rule banning guns from town hall. In a letter to Councilman Sekorski, Keith Golnik said that on Feb. 25...
  18. J

    I think we can call it

    imported post I think it's fair to say that the only Patriots left in Mass are the football team. Are there any gun owners left in your Commonwealth or did you all get sick of it and move to Vermont?
  19. J

    Losing a weapon

    imported post I recently listened to the audio portion of the last Board of Firearms and Permits hearing regarding the Maresca case. Mr. Maresca had his weapon stolen from him while he was paying for his purchase at a store. Even though his weapon was returned to him within a short amount of...
  20. J

    Need help finding article

    imported post A few years back a State Trooper drove out of his driveway and left a bag with his gun in it on the roof or trunk of his car. A neighbor found the bag and called it in. I am almost certain this happened somewhere in Litchfield County. I have searched hi and low and can't find any...