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    Traveling with ammunition

    imported post When placing your cased firarm out of reach in order to travel do you also have to have your ammuniton out of reach and encased? For those who carry a spare magazine or speedloader, do those need to be put in the trunk or out of reach and be encased? Can the spare mag or...
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    Pennsylvania LTCF

    imported post Received my Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms in the mail today. One step closer to being "allowed" to OC/CC in more states!
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    Not technically my first, but...

    imported post I've been OCing around the neighborhood while walking my dog, or taking my children for a walk. The only thing that's happened with that was a nice stare and double take from a county parks worker driving past me. Today I have finally OCd in a store...Sentry on national and...
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    2A on AM1130

    imported post For those in the Milwaukee area, Vicki McKenna is talking about 2A, McDonald, Supreme Court, and why she "likes open carry." On the air right now, AM 1130 She's only on until noon, and I only caught the past few minutes. Looks like she does have podcasts and recordings of...
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    Stopping power

    imported post I think everyone knows there is a significant difference in the stopping power of a .45 over a 9mm. My question is this.....is there a difference in stopping power of a .40 over a 9mm, and if so, how great is that difference? Edit- After reading other entries, I decided to...
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    Kind of an accessory

    imported post Has anyone ever used the iBearArms (Right2Bear) application for the iPhone? Was it any good? Better Question, does anyone know what happened to it? It is no longer listed on the Apple iTunes Store.
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    From out of state

    imported post I'm from out of state but vacation in the UP every summer as my family has property there. Does MI require a permit for open carry? Also, just so I know for sure, I will be getting a non resident CCW permit from PA. That will not be recognized by MI since I am not a PA resident?
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    New to OC

    imported post I am new to all things open carry related. I have CC and OC on my residence for years though. I am very comfortable (if not more comfortable) with a firearm by my side (9 years military including a tour in Iraq). Sadly, I am somewhat apprehensive about beginning to OC in public...