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    Betty Brinn Museum posted???

    Or anything else that I may be overlooking about the place that may or may not permit one to carry there???
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    traveling through on motorcycle with rifle???

    Ok so i know that you can't do anything in IL, and have to hold your breath while traveling through the state. But I wanted to verify 1 thing, and ask on another. I haven't been able to find anything specific, and was hoping some of you could help me with statues, and or experiences+statues. 1)...
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    Carrying on Military bases. Help Please

    So I'm not really sure which way to turn my head for this question anymore. I've heard that it varies from base to base, I've heard that bases are Federal Property, and therefore 100% illegal to have a firearm of any sort on you, even if it's locked in a gun case in your vehicle. Etc..etc.. My...
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    small "meet&greet" fire tonight near johnson creek/watertown

    Gonna be home relaxing with the family tonight and thinking about having a fire. Decided to maybe meet a couple people from here and make new friends. I'm located near johnson creek bout 6miles from the truck stop on hwy26 and hwy94. start between 7-8. bring your own drinks. bring your own...
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    help writing local theater about gun policy please

    Ok, so the johnson creek AMC theater on hwy 26 is posted (at least last time i was there. wife was nice enough to point it out since i didn't notice it). Well after reading the article about the batman movie theater shooting...
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    Milwaukee zoo???

    so i'm having a hard time making up my mind on this, and hoping some of you can help with actually text, which most of you are good with. milwaukee zoo. 1) anybody know if it's posted??? 2) if not, it should be legit (for this case, i have a CCW, but info for both with or without would be...
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    state law, or individual municipalities???

    So was talking to somebody today, and they brought up something that I haven't heard before (i don't think). they said that unlike other states where the carry laws apply to the entire state regardless of location, wisconsin has it where each city can have it's own rules. examples he brought...
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    apologies. long gun transport question, or direct to correct place

    so recently i ran into a little situation that made me wonder. i was out riding motorcycles with a friend when we stopped at gander mountain. while there, i decided to buy a 17HMR rifle, and suddenly my friend asked me: "how are you gonna get that home on your bike?" to which i replied without...
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    second guessing myself on oc/cc question

    FIRST, lets make it clear that this is NOT ABOUT, or INVOLVING drinking. example......out riding motorcycles with friends. I don't drink on the bike, but others do. so we stop at a bar. QUESTION: ok so i know that you can't carry in a place that serves alcohol UNLESS you have a ccw...
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    guns are welcome sign

    this is the sign that we need to see in store windows. or personal property. LOL http://www.compliancesigns.com/NHE-16347.shtml http://www.compliancesigns.com/NHE-16351.shtml
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    funny but accurate observation

    So last fall I saw an add on craigslist for free kittens. I went to pick them up, and when I got there (for those who don't know me, I'm tattooed and pierced) the guy immediately went to my car and looked in the back seat. when I asked what he was doing, he said he wanted to make sure the...
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    OC with CCW question

    Ok, so i really don't like taking somebodies "word" for granted when people tell me things. regardless if it's this subject, car subjects or anything else. I like to research. But sometimes i have to ask for help with the research. specially with something as touchy with legal/illegal as guns...
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    REQUIRED to act if witnessing crime while OC???

    so a few friends and I recently had a talk about OC vs CC. my opinion is that while CC might be "easier to get away with" (not illegally. all parties have CCW's), OC would be less likely to cause you to draw. my scenario: 1) i walk down the street concealed carrying. mugger sees me and...
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    which ccw recommended for WI residents

    sorry if this was already answered somewhere, but i couldn't find it. what other states CCW would be recommended, or the "best match" to go with the wisconsin CCW??? my wife is talking about possibly going to florida this summer on the bikes. now i know that i can't carry through IL no matter...
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    long gun contradiction

    so this past weekend, i was having a conversation with friends, and the topic of carrying long guns on motorcycles came up. well i thought we needed to STILL have them UNLOADED AND ENCASED. but others were saying that as long as it was UNLOADED, it did NOT NEED to be ENCASED, and that you...
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    pf9 retention holsters

    I'm looking for a decent but affordable (trying for $20-50, but please also consider higher priced options if you have experience with them) IWB and OWB and possibly shoulder holster for my kel-tec pf9. but i want it to have retention. alot of the ones i've been looking at look like you just...
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    church with school in it

    ok so i just had a random thought. I don't go to church, but on the very very very rare occasion, i might accompany my wife and her parents to church for a holiday or something. but i just realized. the church has a school in it. now granted, school is monday-friday, and church is on sunday...
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    Chase bank a federal building???

    The other day a employee at a chase bank here in watertown got all huffy and puffed up like a peacock telling me that the bank is a federal building, and that it is illegal to carry in federal buildings. somehow it never crossed my mind that a bank would/could be a federal building. She kept...
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    no weapons/guns sign in parking lot of outlet mall???

    ok i just remembered something i saw a few weeks back, so i don't remember the wording. i suppose i could drive back out there and take some pics if anybody here wants me to. anyways, on highway 26 in johnson creek (basically behind the big truck stop off of hwy 94) there is a large outlet...
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    motorcycle carry question since CCW

    so i know that last year and before we had discussed motorcycle carry, and it was the whole "encase, and where to store it on a motorcycle" deal. now with CCW, i have new questions that i was curious how others deal with it. i haven't found any conceal holsters that i've been comfortable with...