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  1. ChinChin

    HB 1052: Carrying weapons in air carrier airport terminals

    HB 1052 "Carrying weapons in air carrier airport terminals; removing prohibition against carrying firearms. Removes the prohibition against carrying certain firearms and other weapons in air carrier airport terminals. The bill retains the prohibition against carrying explosives in such areas."...
  2. ChinChin

    CHP renewal question

    imported post Mrs. chinchin was naughty and let her CHP expire. Now she wants to re-up it but the webpages I've seen are hazy on if it would be a renewal or if she'll have to go through the training/safety course/etc as if getting it for the first time. Anybody had this happen before?
  3. ChinChin

    2010 Legislative Session

    imported post So with the overly positive touted results of the state-wide races and removal of formerly anti-gun politicians from the legislative landscape; what is the speculation on the upcoming session? I know on the top of many people’s agenda is the ability to FINALLY be able to carry...
  4. ChinChin

    30 Round Pmags

    imported post They just got in a HUGE shipment yesterday. The have 30-round mags in green and black, both with and without windows. 30 w/o window 16.95 30 w/window 18.95 They are limiting 5 per customer as they said DROVES of people from MD came down last time and cleaned them out. As of...
  5. ChinChin

    Reloading supplies

    imported post Other than supplies to be used IN my OC piece; this has little to do with OC so I apologize in advance. Does anybody have a LOCAL (not online) vendor who they can recommend for all my reloading supply needs. Powders, primer mags, bullets, etc? I'm in the FFX/Loudoun/Prince...
  6. ChinChin

    Gun & Knife CC

    imported post During the cold winter months I tend to CC rather than OC as I’d look like a dufus with a belt and gun on the OUTSIDE of my North face. Standard fun-items on my belt concealed also include 2 spare mags, a surefire and my cell. Inside my pants pockets are OC spray, and I have a...
  7. ChinChin

    Refused to disarm

    imported post I waslistening to aguy at a local gun store who was relating a story to a group of customers on how he refused to be disarmed during a traffic stop. In his tale, he had been a passenger in a vehicle which was coming home from a wedding reception down south of Richmond. The driver...
  8. ChinChin

    Recent VA Police Harassment

    imported post With the slew of recent Police misconduct towards citizens OCing (Alexandria x3, Norfolk, VA Beach x2, Manassas), I’ve been mulling over ways to level the playing field. What is the possibility of VCDL offering up a program where we keep Rich Gardiner, Mike, or some other...
  9. ChinChin

    Educate Local Law Enforcement

    imported post I’ve had an idea I’ve been mulling around in my head for a while now, escalated moreso recently due to the repeated encounters the carrying public have had with law enforcement officers in Alexandria, Norfolk, Manassas and many other jurisdictions. What ability do citizen groups...
  10. ChinChin

    Requirement to update CCW permit

    imported post I was unhappy to see that beginning July 1 that I will be required to have my permit updated to show my present address after recently moving. 18.2-308 D1. (Effective July 1, 2007 - see Editor's note) Whenever any person moves from the address shown on the concealed handgun...