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  1. Boomboy007

    Anyone interested in a 2023 OC meetup in the Fargo area?

    A little bump to keep the thread alive.
  2. Boomboy007

    Disallowing of OC at city council meetings & city offices

    How would this work with the current state preemption law?
  3. Boomboy007

    Moved out here from Washington in 11/2012

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but my wife and I recently moved to Fargo from Bellingham, WA. Are you guys still around?
  4. Boomboy007

    Everett Police offering gift cards for firearms

    I remember drooling at your haul. I belive that Sudden Valley Gunner did pretty well, too.
  5. Boomboy007

    Washington State Frequently Asked Questions About Open Carry

    We recently moved from Bellingham to Fargo, ND. I weep to see what has happened to WA. It will never change as long as mail in ballots are the standard.
  6. Boomboy007

    Anyone interested in a 2023 OC meetup in the Fargo area?

    I am a recent political refugee from Washington state. We had a pretty active group of folks. I would love to see some of that community building and outreach here in the Fargo area. Anyone interested?
  7. Boomboy007

    Open carry in ND

    Looks like I am reviving a dead thread, but it is still pinned to the top, so... Just moved to Fargo from Bellingham, WA. I find that the law is about 180° from WA. In WA, open carry is legal with no permit, but concealed requires a permit. In ND, after 30 days residency one may carry...
  8. Boomboy007

    Hendersonville Open Carry

    Relax, Solus, it's almost the weekend. Take it easy.
  9. Boomboy007

    Nashville Area

    Hey, Darks, just reviving this thread. Recently moved to the area, and I would love to get a local meeting going.
  10. Boomboy007

    Fight against SB 5078 (Magazine ban above 10 rounds).

    "might warrant a contribution to the SAF...just saying" They get money from me every year. 👍
  11. Boomboy007

    Hendersonville Open Carry

    Solus, it has been respectfully requested you treat forum members better, but I have not seen you comply with that request. Therefore, I'm going to give Sam's Club the "Solus" treatment!
  12. Boomboy007

    Fight against SB 5078 (Magazine ban above 10 rounds).

    This was the straw that broke the camel's back. My wife and I left Bellingham two weeks ago for Tennessee. It breaks my heart.
  13. Boomboy007

    Canadian Liberty is dying.

    I love our cousins in the north. I met my wife in Vancouver, and lived in Bellingham, Washington for 11 years so that we could pop up on the weekends. I have felt like crying over the last two years as I have watched Trudeau and his evil band of "Progressives" strip away every right to speak...
  14. Boomboy007

    Hendersonville Open Carry

    Yeah, I am die hard open carry. Interestingly, I got a membership at Sam's Club (which is literally across the street from me), and I had no problem. In fact, the cashier and the bagger complimented me on my pistol, and we talked about it with the customer behind me. I'm guessing that I will not...
  15. Boomboy007

    Hendersonville Open Carry

    I just moved from Washington state to Hendersonville. I have been open carrying all over West TN and the Nashville area. Locally I have only seen one other OCer. I was recently kicked out of Costco (Charlotte Pike) for OC (they are not posted). I notice the gun buster signs at the theaters, and...
  16. Boomboy007

    TN Open Carry Report

    I am visiting my ill mother in Alamo, TN. I live in Bellingham, Washington, and OC is a part of my daily life. I have been here for about six weeks (Jackson area) and have seen no other OCers. When we went to Costco in Germantown, I saw 2 in 45 minutes. That said, I haven't had anyone...
  17. Boomboy007

    Traveling through Iowa.

    Hello to all my midwestern patriot brothers and sisters. I will be traveling through Iowa with a valid Washington state permit. I know that I must show my permit on demand if a police officer asks. Anything else I need to know? Read through the state laws, but they are a bit muddy for out of...
  18. Boomboy007

    Whatcom County OC

    All right, Whatcom County. In the face of a new mask mandate, some of us have decided to keep practicing our Second Amendment right AND our First Amendment right guaranteeing freedom of assembly. We are thinking about gathering at a local park and having a low key cookout. Planning on early...
  19. Boomboy007

    OCDO Campout 2021

    We did, and it was a lot of fun! Great to see lots of regulars, and even a long lost sheepdog from back East!
  20. Boomboy007

    OCDO Campout 2021

    You will be sorely missed.