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    Department of Motor Vehicles?

    I must go to DMV to renew my license soon. In the past I have read threads indicating that those who open carry have been given special, expedited, service. Do any of you have recent experience? Also, from your recent experience, what is the best day, time, to go? Thanks for your help. Ken
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    Friends of the NRA dinner in Henderson

    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 05, 2013 6:00 PM Dragon Ridge Country Club 552 S Stephanie Street Henderson, NV 89012 https://www.friendsofnra.org/EventDetails.aspx?eid=11998&sid=29 Ken
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    Gun Control Summit

    I plan to be there. You are all invited. http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/gun-control-summit/ Ken
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    Gun Owners of America

    I have joined Gun Owners of America. I think they are doing good work, from what I read, for us in Washington and in the media and my further research supports the idea that the people who operate this organisation are not stealing or squandering the money they raise. I requested certain IRS...
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    Have you voted yet?

    I have. Ken
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    Silver State Shooting Sport Association

    So I went to the gun show at Cashman yesterday and I came across a table for this organization. There was a woman there soliciting new members. Her papers say they are a "NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION Affiliated with NRA, CMP & USA shooting." I asked the woman if they were affiliated with the NVFAC...
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    Nevada high court says portions of gun permit records public

    FYI: =============================== http://www.rcfp.org/newsitems/index.php?i=11482 Ken
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    Sheriffs Election

    imported post Is there any information on Dan Barry's position on open carry? Registration?Concealed carry permit issuance, etc.? Ken
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    S & W 64-5 for sale at American Shooters Henderson $300.00

    imported post S & W 64-5 for sale at American Shooters Henderson $300.00 I saw them today, they had two of them. I was told they came from one of the casino's security departments, you know,the guys on the bikes. They looked to be in very good condition and a real bargain for any of you who...
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    How do I get a ticket to the SHOT show?

    imported post Does anyone have an extra ticket or know how I can get one? Thanks. Ken
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    NV Attorney General says OC subject to local statutes!

    imported post The Firearms FAQ page on the AG's web-site has re-appeared after being unavailable for a couple of years. She seems to say that preemption does not apply to local statutes limiting open carry. And that it is OK for you to be "confronted by law enforcement!" Is there anything we...
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    Has John Noble gotten his gun back yet?

    imported post Has John Noble gotten his gun back yet? It has been a month and I was wondering. Any other updates on this situation? Ken
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    Who OC'd at, or near, today's Presidential candidate appearances?

    imported post Who OC'd at, or near, today's Presidential candidate appearances? There were several of these in PAon the news this evening and I am sure that many of you went to them like Mr. Noble did last week, with your gun and your bible. I applaud your effort and I know that everyone...
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    Clark County Shooting Park in Danger!

    imported post from NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert Vol. 15, No. 26 06/27/08 NEVADA: Clark County Shooting Park in Danger! The Clark County Board of Commissioners has placed on its July 1 agenda a public comment period to address the Clark County Shooting Park and the outrageous claims brought forward...