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    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    I tried to put a link & messed it up but I just put in Glock verticle shoulder holster and clicked on the one from the seller I mentioned above
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    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    Yep, the strap isn't the quickest for drawing but everything has it's pros & cons. 2a4all, I found it on ebay. Seller was massimo_gunleather_company It's pretty comfortable and for $85 I'm satisfied LOL
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    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    Yes, I'm glad for that. I'm either carring a fixed blade or a cold steel XL folder.
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    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    I have had a cheap horizontal shoulder holster i would wear on occaision but decided I'd like to have a shoulder holster for some open carry so I got a leather verticle holster for my Glock 19 and really like it. It is comfortable but since I have never really worn one I have been wearing it...
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    Does Ohio follow federal law or is it more strict pertaining to age & possession

    It's early and my brain is still foggy but I'm discussing gun possession with my 16 year old son. This is also an important topic to me as my neighborhood is getting worse all the time and I'm considering leaving him armed when home alone in the evenings when I have to be gone. As I understand...
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    Any Newark or Heath OC'ers on this forum?

    Lately I have been seeing quite a few people open carrying including a lady at a store who seemed to be doing it on her own. I was wondering if any are here on this forum. Don
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    Any places in Ohio I can OC but not CC legally

    I used to be up on the laws for many years but burnt out so I need to catch up so I was wondering if there are places I can open carry legally but not legally conceal carry. Where does my "right" trump my "privilege" ?
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    Any OC'ers from Newark on these forums?

    I used to post a lot on gun forums & was wondering if there are any open or concealed carry people in Newark who use these forums. I've seen one guy OC'ing but didn't get a chance to speak to him.
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    I only shop The Home Depot for my drywall business needs & carry there

    They are having an open carry event & posted my support for them http://www.thepcmdgazette.com/news/largest-open-carry-event-to-date-with-gun-giveaway/
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    I no longer look like a cop OC'ing

    For years my hair style of choice was a flat top. I also open carried for several years and so many people made the assumption I wa an officer it was unreal. Once upon entering my daughters apt to shut off her water when a pipe burst her friend told her an officer had rushed in and shut it...
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    With Cleveland being settled

    EDIT: I found the info I was looking for. TY
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    OC Dinner @ Stacey's Buffet in Heath/Newark

    Come join Licking County Open Carry Club for an open carry dinner at Stacey's Buffet on Monday May 9th at 6pm. Stacey's has good food, plenty of parking and plenty of seating. They are located at 833 S. 30th St. in Heath Ohio. We always have a good time and good conversations about the latest...
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    Come OC with us March 21st @ 6PM at Stacey's Buffet in Heath Ohio

    Licking County Open Carry Club invites you to join us for dinner at Stacey's Buffet in Heath Ohio on March 21 at 6PM. Good food, & good people. Come join us!
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    Come Open Carry In LIcking County 1/17

    Licking County Open Carry Club is having a meet, greet, and eat, on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 17, 2011, at Stacey's Buffet in Newark/Heath. The address is 833 South 30th Street Heath, OH 43056-1207, and we'll be there from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at a minimum. We are normally in the far...
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    OC meet Oct. 18th, 6PM at Stacey's Buffet in Heath

    Stacy's is a four star rated buffet with very good food located at 833 S 30th Street Heath, OH 43056. We will be discussing current OC/CC issues over a good dinner and fellowship with like minded pro 2A folks. Stop in and say hello! Don
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    OC /CC welcome at I Buy Gold in Heath

    This afternoon me and the wifey stopped in at I Buy Gold on Rt.79 in Heath to look around and I was impressed on several levels. My gold necklace is very heavy and we discussed gold value etc. and I was very impressed by these guys. The subject turned to carrying as I was OCing my XD45, and...
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    The benefits of joining Licking County Open Carry Club

    http://lcocc.blogspot.com/2010/09/benefits-of-joining-licking-county-open.html Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Emerson In these times open carriers are indeed creating a trail, rather than just following the path. We at LCOCC have...
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    Wife brought home an XD with a thumb safety

    Sunday morning I sold a gun for enough to buy a new XD 45 service model. I was tired and sent the wife to the gun store to pick one up for me. She came home with the thumb safety version which I never even thought about specifying to NOT get. This store isn't open on Mondays, so I had planned...
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    Are there places you cover up?

    I OC & CC depending on how I'm dressed & where I am going. Here in Ohio OC is slowly gaining traction, thanks in large part to the web & forums etc. I use to OC practically everywhere but lately I noticed something strange happening. Often times I do not tuck my shirts in & just tuck my...
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    Just curious everyone's age

    If this has been a topic before I apologize. OCers are a different breed than most gun owners and I was just curious the ages of folks here. I started OCing in my 40s mainly because I didn't know it was legal, due in part to deceptive LE agancies. I'm 44 (hope we have all age groups!)