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  1. K

    WSJ - Dr. to Patient: Do You Have a Gun?

    I certainly don't need an anti-gun MD judging me for daring to have multiple loaded pistols in my home for self defense. I used to carry a Glock in my car as well. Did med school teach them anything about gun safety other than you can't get shoot yourself if you lack a gun?
  2. K

    Shoulder Holster for my Dan Wesson Specialist

    While there are tons of holsters for 1911s, I can't find a holster for my Dan Wesson Specialist (due to its accessory rail). There would, of course, be nothing on this rail when open carried. (As a range toy, or for home defense, I like a Crimson Trace green laser on it.) The reason I'm...
  3. K

    Suggest some holsters for a Glock 34 please

    I'm finally ready to make a political statement by open carrying. Now all I need is a holster. I figure you guys can help me out in that area. Thanks, Karl
  4. K

    Glock 34 -- any opinions

    I hate the idea of buying a gun that has no use other than carry. I bought a G34 and will soon be picking it up (after I "cool down"). I bought it as a range toy, preferring a longer sight radius than the 17 offers. Also, the weight difference among Glocks is trivial, especially since I'm...