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    Legal advice to the LEO

    Stumbled on this site today and I don't know if anyone has seen it or not. Check out legal updates. Check out the older ones also. I don't know if I can copy the link or not, but the site is ( policehelp.net) I am not very computer literate.
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    For the virginia viewers sheriff supports 2nd amendment

    I will try to post a link...OK, so I lost the article. It was from Arratt Va. I will see if I can get it back...may take awhile.....WXII has taken off the website. Basically the sherriff of that county said, based on the number of home breakins, that he would support the 2nd amendment and...
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    New Hanover County concealed carry

    Turned in paperwork April 7. Still waiting. I have been told I have been approved, but waiting for paperwork to come back from Raleigh. Could be any day. Then still has to go to the sheriff for signing. Over one hundred days now and still counting. Sucks.
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    Concealed Carry In Churchs in Louisiana

    I noticed that the governor of La. passed a bill saying you could carry concealed in churches. As far as i know, that is already legal in NC. Comments????