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  1. K

    OT? Best rental inventory in Puget Sound area?

    So what ranges can you recommend with a decent / broad rental inventory? I have a couple of people I need to help buy their first handgun, and recently found out to my disappointment that Bulls Eye in Tacoma has a much more restricted rental inventory than in times past.
  2. K

    Oregon permit - fast turnaround!

    Just got my renewed Oregon permit in the mail, a mere 10 days after my renewal appointment (including the Thanksgiving holiday in the interim.) Nice work, Columbia County!
  3. K

    Pen-sized voice recorder?

    What's the current consensus on best/affordable small pen-format or other small voice recorders to use?
  4. K

    A word of appreciation

    I was just at Clark's Creek Park in Puyallup, to watch a high school tennis match. (How boring was it? Oh, let's not get distracted by that!!!) Anyway, while I was there I noticed this sign (see attached) and the creative use of white electrical tape on it. Seriously, thanks to all the...
  5. K

    Current info on renewing OR permit for WA residents

    Current info sought on renewing OR permit for WA residents Just a heads up, if any Washingtonians are looking to renew their OR permits, or if you've recently done it and can update us on the best counties for renewals currently...
  6. K

    Washington residing renewing CHL

    Is Columbia County still out-of-state friendly for issuing CHL's? I need to renew mine, and seem to recall there's a new sheriff in Columbia County and the process may not be as sure as it was a few years ago. Opinions? Recommendations? (I live in the Puget Sound area; St Helens is the...
  7. K

    Help a newbie in DC

    Hey everyone, Emily Miller, a reporter for the Washington Examiner Times who lives in DC, is starting a series about purchasing a firearm as a DC resident: http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/guns/2011/oct/5/miller-emily-gets-her-gun Some of you in the NoVA area might consider reaching out to...
  8. K

    Restaurant/bar restrictions in Oregon?

    imported post OCDO's Restaurant Carry map says "Allowed" for Oregon, with no further elaboration. But Handgunlaw.us says the following in their PDF on Oregon laws: That's just editorializing on their part, right? I certainly can't find anything in the ORS that would support the boldfaced...
  9. K

    OT: How many CPLs are currently issued?

    imported post I know this is slightly OT, but my google-fu is failing me and I'm sure some of you guys know (or at least know where to look.) Any idea how many active CPLs there are in Washington state?
  10. K

    OT: Another fan of Dino's

    imported post Finally made it to Manu's restaurant. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. :-( Fortunately, I did ask for him as I was leaving, and his waitress saved me, because I had totally forgotten about the Open Carry discount! She actually voided the already-charged ticket and redid it with...
  11. K

    Got my Oregon non-resident permit in 25 days

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum45/15791.html
  12. K

    Just got non-resident CHL from Columbia County, 25-day turnaround time

    imported post Thanks to whoever it was that recommended Columbia County for non-resident CHL applications. My CHL arrived today, 25 calendar days after I applied. Among other advantages, Columbia County is actually closer to most Puget-Sound area residents than Washington County is (my...
  13. K

    Just received Utah permit in a very reasonable turnaround time

    imported post Just received my Utah permit, about 6-7 weeks from sending in the packet. I had heard about them having a huge backlog, but this doesn't seem to be too bad a turnaround time. Just hurry if you think you want one, in case the rumors about Utah tightening the requirements for...
  14. K

    Buying guns in another state

    imported post Can anybody point me to current federal laws regarding cross-state firearm purchases? Thanks!
  15. K

    Help a DC resident thinking about firearms

    imported post Megan Mcardle, a writer living in DC, contemplates whether she should buy a firearm if Heller v DC is upheld. One of her concerns is how far it would be to a range for practice (and I think she might not own a car.) Some of you NOVA folks might take a look over there and help her...
  16. K

    Carry in restaurants that change to 21-and-over in the evening?

    imported post Folks, RCW 9.41.300 (d) includes "that portion of an establishment classified by the state liquor control board as off-limits to persons under twenty-one years of age" as placess off-limits to the carry of firearms? But what of those establishments that are all-ages up until a...
  17. K

    Fatal shooting at University of Washington

    imported post Fatal shooting at the University of Washington, almost certainly a murder-suicide by a person under a restraining order.