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Search results

  1. J

    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    Beretta 92X Glock 19 Gen 4 ...not at the same time
  2. J

    Shoulder holster

    Does any one have a JR Roscoe holster? http://www.shoulderholster.us/ Are they expensive?
  3. J

    First time to OC and need to ask a (probabaly stupid) question re: city parks

    Hey everyone! I am new to handguns, very experienced with long guns, and have absolutely no experience in OC. I have been reading this forum, learning much, so thank you to all! I joined today, and posted a recent telephone conversation made to Lebanon PD regarding OC. The officer...
  4. J

    Info telephone call to Lebanon PD. At least one officer there knows OC is legal

    Hello, everyone. I have been reading the OH forum, and called Lebanon PD yesterday to ask if OC was legal in the city limits (knowing full well it was in the State). The first person I spoke with was a woman who transferred to to an officer, but I did not write his name. I asked the very same...