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    Adoption denied by state because of guns

    imported post My wife and I are trying to get certified for adoption by the state of NC. We have completed all of the required classes and passed our home safety inspections with the exception of one thing: The person that signs off on our certification will not sign our certificate unless my...
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    Wal-Mart Limiting Sales of Ammo

    imported post I was in Brier Creek Wal Mart yesterday to buy some ammo. Was trying to buy 10 boxes of .40. Clerk told me that customers are limited to 6 boxes per person per day. WTF? A sale is a sale. I understand that they try to accomodate as many customers as possible. But, I doubt they...
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    Hi-Jacked account?

    imported post I received a notification of a new post so I logged in and it said that I had posted a comment. I have not loggend in to this site in about a week. I found my screen name with no post under it but it said that there was an edit. Has anyone else had this happen? Just wondering...
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    Encountered a "No Weapons" sign today

    imported post So, my wife dragged me out for all the "Black Friday" sales today :cuss:. While out, I stopped at my insurance company office to make a payment. Now, I have been to this office many times over the last few years and have never seen a "No Weapons" sign posted. But, today, there it...
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    imported post I posted this in the Brigade section but got no feedback. So here goes. I have had my Serpaholstersfor a couple of years and love them. Howeverthey arewearing the finish of the slides of my Glock and Sig. Anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found a solution?
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    SERPA / Fobus type wearing finish off.

    imported post I have had my serpa/cqc for a couple of years now and absolutly love it. But It is wearing the finish off the slide of my Glock and other black finish pistols. Anyone else have this problem? If so, what have you done about it?