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    The Belvedere in Louisville.

    So Kentuckiana Pride is coming up and I was hoping to attend the festival this year OCing and in my Pink Pistols shirt to try and stir up some interest in starting the local chapter back up. I know Kentuckiana Pride has a ban on firearms, but I'm not sure they legality of it. I cannot...
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    Stolen Valor Sheriff

    This Asshat is running for office in Kleberg County. He said in a debate he was a "Desert Storm Veteran, Desert Shield, Liberation of Kuwait. Purple Heart Recipient. Honorably Discharged Veteran" He even handed out cards saying he was a "Desert Storm Veteran". Turns out he never deployed in...
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    Cincinnati Trip

    Hey all, After the upcoming walk in Oxford, I was thinking of stopping in Cincinnati on my way home. I have a question concerning OC there, specifically about my Kriss 9mm carbine. Is the Assualt weapon (magazine ban) still in place in Cincinnati? I have found conflicting stories online, but...
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    Students for Concealed Carry - University of Louisville

    Hey all, Dante and myself are working to get the UofL Students for concealed carry chapter up and running. Our next BIG step is becoming an RSO (Registered Student Organization) as it allows us to advertise on university sites and makes scheduling events much easier. For this we need an...
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    Mommies Membership Meeting

    Everyone's favorite little liars are having another meeting in Louisville, KY on Sunday April 17 at 4PM. It will be at the Thomas Jeffeson Unitarian Church. The event is up on their Facebook page if you want to RSVP. They say the church has a posted "no weapons" sign, but I'm going to go check...
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    Mom's Wasted No Time

    Apparently being invited by a state representative to come speak in favor of a bill currently before the state legislature makes you an "extremist" now. That'll teach us to take an active interest in our state government and laws *shakes fist*. How dare we...