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  1. J

    Carrying On Campus

    I attended college when I was in my 30s; and always had a CA Off Duty .38 in an ankle holster. I knew I had a valid permit to CC, and I knew the pistol was legal. I never consider campus rules; but then it was a different time. In fact, I don't remember any firearm crap surfacing at the school I...
  2. J

    Crankin' Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar

    Crankin' Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar! - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9-ltPsbw9g People struggle for years to learn to play the guitar; and this guy uses a shovel. God will have His jokes.
  3. J

    Anyone Here Old Enough To Remember When People Did Not Lock their Doors?

    I certainly remember. And now, I sleep with the .45 on the night stand; and the 500 loaded with 00 Buck in the corner. My neighborhood remains safe, but my town has seen many questionable characters moving in, these past years; and there have been incidents that never existed 10 or 15 years ago...
  4. J

    Always Wanted A Top Break .32

    There was one on Gun broker; but I missed the bid, and it went for $180. ( original box ). I have to research as to whether or not, the old top breaks handle modern ammo. There were many designs. I know the higher caliber top breaks tend to loosen up.
  5. J

    Some Food For Liberals To Digest

    The worst school massacre - disaster in US history, did not involve firearms.
  6. J

    Older Small Arms Of The World Book

    It's an older edition ( 1960s ); but I noticed something strange. Israel is in the index; but the pages on Israeli arms are not included. I doubt a proof reader would have missed all the pages concerning Israeli arms. Just something to mention. Is it possible Israel put a stop on those pages...
  7. J

    Rediculous Regulations

    I have several beautiful automatic knives, that are illegal to carry. However since I have bad cervical disks, and the results of that are numbness in my fingers, I do carry a small Hubetrus with a ( maybe ) 2 inch blade. A lever lock. I could be nailed for this tiny pocket knife. Should I move...
  8. J

    Some Good Advice

    May seem a bit campy; but it should be obvious. It is wise to have a rifle & a hand gun that use the same ammunition. The .22 caliber round is a very deadly round, especially the hypersonics, like Yellow jackets, etc. I have several. 22 pistols & rifles. Also a Ruger .30 caliber & an M1 Carbine...
  9. J

    Saw An Unusual Handgun

    Just a passing thing; and I asked the owner what it was. Been a while, but I believe he said it was made in Belgium, and apparently a .38 necked down to a .32. Anyone? I believe he said, they also manufactured a .32 necked down to a .25 also. any input?
  10. J

    My Favorite Tolstoy

    "How Much Land Does a Man Need". Anyone ever read it? I love sobering reading. How Much Land Does a Man Need? Summary - eNotes.com https://www.enotes.com › Study Guides