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  1. okiephlyer

    Waiting for November 1

    This was meant to be a "cautionary note" not an accusation. The OP used the words "expired because of medical issues." I included the "IF" because I wanted to give the OP the benefit of the doubt. Many people I have spoken to about the new law think that it removes the current restrictions...
  2. okiephlyer

    Waiting for November 1

    Since you mention medical issues, and I really DON'T want to know what they were, be careful. If you were a prohibited person before because of your medical issues, you are still prohibited under the new law. The only thing the law changes is removing the requirement to have a piece of plastic...
  3. okiephlyer

    Have you ever had someone react REALLY badly to seeing you open carry?

    It's been a few years and I tried to find the post. Here is a slightly shorter version. I was in the checkout line at Walmart and the guy behind asked if I was LE. I replied No, just a concerned citizen. He went off, started yelling that he didn't want to get shot, please don' shoot me, etc...
  4. okiephlyer

    Best Fireworks display in Philadelphia.

    Need a little advice from my Mississippi friends. I have a trip and will be overnight in Philadelphia on the 4th. Where is the best fireworks display and where is the best place to park to see the show?
  5. okiephlyer


    With the change of leadership, will the web site get updated and be a little more current. Could we get a running update on what the other 2A organizations are doing? The lunch in BA was good. Keep it up.
  6. okiephlyer

    Firearms for Christmas

    Who got or gave firearms for Christmas. I'll start. My FIL bought a new (at the time, 1936) Stevens model 66-B. When he passed away, it went to my son who was the only heir. He sold it to my older brother several years ago. When I found out about it, I bought it back, with the intention of...
  7. okiephlyer

    Help with old news story

    Last May of 2012, there was a news story about a man in Madison that was OC'ing and was attacked and his gun taken away. I have tried to search for it, but I am not very IT literate. Does anyone remember the story and can fill in the details for me, please? These are 2 links from another...
  8. okiephlyer

    What to do in Ogden

    My job will take me to Ogden for a few days later this week. I am looking for suggestions for what to do. Normally we check out gun shops and outdoor stores, but are there other outdoorsy things that anyone on here would recommend? Arriving Wednesday early afternoon and leaving again on...
  9. okiephlyer


    As most of us know, the group at okshooters.com is very anti-open carry. I try to stay somewhat active over there to keep our side of the story in front of other gun owners in the state. There are a few from here that do the same thing. Why not get every one here to sign up at okshooters.com...
  10. okiephlyer


    Oklahoma has had open carry for 6 months now. Is this when complacency sets in? Is it just me, or have the number of posts and the number of views dropped in the past few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love that open carry has been, for the most part, a non-event, as it should be. Have we let...
  11. okiephlyer


    .. is there an ad for Kathy Taylor on this forum? As anti gun as she is, how did this happen? It was one of those little ads at the bottom of the page, but still???
  12. okiephlyer

    Quick Access Gun Safe

    I have used a GunVault model that has the tactile keypad for quick entry. Unfortunately, the cable that pulls the latch to open the vault broke. 2 friends had the same issue. The backup key still works, but I no longer have the easy access. So far, all the small safes/vaults that I have looked...
  13. okiephlyer

    I heard it through the grapevine....

    That OKOCA is having another OC lunch and get together in Broken Arrow this month. I don't facebook, so someone needs to start a thread with details and make it a sticky. Please.
  14. okiephlyer

    Rabid anti-oc'ers

    Has anyone else noticed that the most rabid anti-oc'ers are the CC'ers that try to claim moral and tactical superiority for CC? I only frequent a very few gun forums, but from what I am seeing, it is the CC crowd that is now putting forth more anti-OC that any one else. There was a thread...
  15. okiephlyer

    Walmart suspends ammo sales

    http://cnsnews.com/blog/gregory-gwyn-williams-jr/walmart-suspends-ammo-orders-pending-gun-control-decision Looks like Walmart caved to the PC police.
  16. okiephlyer

    Need a recommendation for a carry class in Claremore

    My father-in-law now wants to take the carry class and get his license. I have talked to him many times about why I carry and he seems to be ready for the class. I doubt he will carry, except in his car, but still, another gun in the right hands is a good thing. He won't leave the Claremore...
  17. okiephlyer

    Who is going to Walmart..

    or anywhere else, at 1201 am on Thursday morning. Would be interesting to see how many start OC'ing the minute it becomes legal in the state. I'm not talking about in your car or some other place that is not in the public eye, but out where it is visible to the public, whether they may notice...
  18. okiephlyer

    Could we get a list started?

    November 1 is rushing up at us. Looking at the reality of the situation, knowing that there will be unlawful stops of people open carrying, is there any way to get a list of pro-2A, pro-OC lawyers compiled to have as a ready reference for when it happens. I have no idea of how to find the...
  19. okiephlyer

    Time to update the home page?

    Oklahoma is getting open carry as of Nov. 1, and Brad Henry has been out of office for over a year, and I am as slow as many others about getting around to things, but is it time for someone to update the OCDO home page and remove the Oklahoma petition?
  20. okiephlyer

    OC Dinner with out of staters - Manassas 6/22/11

    Me and a few friends will be in Manassas for a few days, the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June and would like to get together for an OC dinner somewhere near the area. Who would be up for it and where would be a good place to meet-n-greet? --Moderator Note-- Need consensus on location.