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  1. bigdaddy1

    American Community Survey

    I got one of of those Census surveys, came complete with threats. What questions can they ask and what questions can I ignore legally?
  2. bigdaddy1

    Got an American Community Survey

    I got one, they say there are "penalties" if I don't answer their intrusive questions or answer incorrectly. What questions can they legally ask and what questions can I legally ignore?
  3. bigdaddy1


    For those that use Twitter, there is a new movement to help reduce the Liberal tactic of getting patriots banned from Twitter. Its not my idea so I don't want to publicly post the information so PM me if your interested.
  4. bigdaddy1

    Looking for a concealable .40

    My open carry sidearm is a .40 cal, so I would like to find a sidearm chambered the same for concealed carry. Any suggestions?
  5. bigdaddy1

    Coalition for lies on facebook. Can we provide them with the truth?

    https://www.facebook.com/CoalitiontoStopGunViolence?sk=timeline I will post an example from our own no need for a gun thread, if anyone else would like to follow suit.
  6. bigdaddy1

    Article on Jesus Gonzales in Milwaukee Magazine. July issue

    I'm sitting in the Urgi-med office waiting room with my son, pick up a magazine because I notice it has an article about beer. Thumbing through the magazine I come across a picture of Jesus Gonzales and the story of his imprisonment. Don't know if anyone else read it or not, I didn't know it...
  7. bigdaddy1

    Colorado shooter found to be left wing radical

  8. bigdaddy1

    OK, whats the scoop on the UN gun treaty?

    I hear some say it wont affect us, I hear other say the Senate will never authorize it and some say we are doomed. Is there a concise easy to understand summary of what this treaty is all about?
  9. bigdaddy1

    Mother in law and CCL

    I was talking to my mother-in-law yesterday and found out she is going to get a CCL. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that. My wife was very surprised. She said "Mother, what to you need a gun for?" She saw the look of disapproval on my face and added a "giggle". As I said before my wife...
  10. bigdaddy1

    Do you still "pat"?

    I have been open carrying for some time now and still find myself occasionally patting my sidearm to make sure its still there and secure. I try to do it nonchalantly as possible but still feel every eye is on my sidearm as I am "reaching" for it.
  11. bigdaddy1

    Firearms and hot tempers.

    The thread about road rage got me thinking. When Wisconsin got concealed carry I had some concerns about hot tempered people that barring any legal disqualifications could now carry a gun. When I first started open carrying I was nervous about how I might react in any given situation. I...
  12. bigdaddy1

    Todays voting day, don't forget to show your support for Walker!

    Vote for Walker today, Barrett is tomorrow.:D
  13. bigdaddy1

    Ammo storage and moisture

    Since moisture is bad for gun power, is it a good idea to store your ammo with rice? I read that if you drop your cell phone in water that putting it in a bowl of uncooked rice will draw the moisture out. If I put some rice in the bottom of my ammo can (army surplus) will that prevent powder...
  14. bigdaddy1

    I let my NRA membership expire.

    I decided not to renew my NRA membership this time around. I understand the NRA is still the largest and most well funded pro-gun (not pro-2A necessarily) organization, but I just don't feel they are working for what I believe is important in Wisconsin. Besides, I don't need another key chain...
  15. bigdaddy1

    Cheaper than Dirt ad on radio

    Heard an add for Cheaper than Dirt on AM620 this morning. When the ad started I almost thought it was an ANTI ad by the somber music in the background and the opening topic line was something like "owning a gun is a serious decision..." I cant remember hearing any firearms ads in Wisconsin...
  16. bigdaddy1

    Craigs list for guns?

    Found this in the General posts here. http://gundeals.org/
  17. bigdaddy1


    Anyone brave enough to try the ghost pepper? I tried some salsa that had some (at least the label said so) in it. That was some nasty stuff.
  18. bigdaddy1

    OVER 85000 concealed carry permits issued

    An associate showed me his newly acquired license, his number was 85,xxx. Assuming they are issuing them in numerological order that shows over 85,000 have been issued. I hope the trend continues. I have a fear that if/when the political house changes "they" will try to reverse the hard won...
  19. bigdaddy1

    Does any state require a "badge" for concealed carry?

    Wisconsin just got a CCL passed, and I have seen some ads for concealed carry badges recently. I know that it it NOT a good idea for obvious reasons, but it got me to thinking why do they offer them? Anyone hear of an impersonating an officer case because of one of these?
  20. bigdaddy1

    Bill to restrict the first amendment?

    HR 347 regarding protests near the president? I know this isn't about the 2nd amendment but we need to watch those laws that can encroach the 2nd. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c112:1:./temp/~c112dynHFt::