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  1. ArmySoldier22

    Shell gas station and McDonalds

    OC'ed on the way home from work and stopped at a shell station to fill up the bike. The gas station is also connected to a McDonalds. Neither one is posted, and I've carried in both many times. Tonight the lady working there, who's been there many times I've been there, told me that I wasn't...
  2. ArmySoldier22

    Family Friend - Firearm Being Destroyed

    I didn't find out about this last night, I wish I had sooner. My sister's ex-boyfriend is still a big part of the family because they have a child together. He still spends a lot of time hanging out with my parents and me. Well, he was out driving the other day in Concord and a police officer...
  3. ArmySoldier22

    South Charlotte Ranges

    A week ago, my step dad had surgery on his lower back and he came to the realization last night that he can't defend himself as well as he used to. So he called me up about an hour ago to talk about both open carry and concealed carry, pistol purchase permits, and things like that. This weekend...
  4. ArmySoldier22

    First Time Kentucky OCer

    Hey everybody, I'm going to be up your way in about a week to visit my fiance's family, and I was just wondering if there's anything I should be aware of. I know KY is pretty OC friendly compared to a lot of states, just want to know if there's anything big I should know. Any cities that have...
  5. ArmySoldier22

    Lots of Traveling

    Friday I leave for a couple months. I got a job with a construction contractor doing work all over the place out west. I'll only be gone for a couple of months since I start back into school soon, but I'm definitely not leaving my little friend behind. I'll be doing work in North Dakota, Texas...
  6. ArmySoldier22

    School Zones, A Thousand Feet

    Hey everybody, this is something that's been on my mind a lot lately. I'm sure some if not most of you have been carrying while passing through a school zone. I won't ask who, since that would be self-incrimination. Nor will I admit to doing so myself. I plead the 5th lol. Wouldn't want to give...
  7. ArmySoldier22

    Mt Pisgah National Park

    Hey everybody, Late fall/early winter I'm going to be hiking/camping around Mt Pisgah, where you can camp anywhere you want as long as you clean up after yourself. I know that carry is allowed in national parks, both open and concealed from what I've read. But I also know that it's dependent on...
  8. ArmySoldier22

    Employment Security Commission Office. State or City Buidling?

    From the ECS building near me. This would lead me to believe that open carry is okay. But if it's a state building, wouldn't that automatically mean that any type of carry is banned? Hmmm
  9. ArmySoldier22

    Employment Security Commission Office. State or City Buidling?

    So I'm going to the Employment Office tomorrow for a meeting with the VA Rep, he's looking at trying to place me in a good security position. And I was wondering if the building would be considered state or city owned? I don't believe I seen any no weapons signs. I hate going anywhere without...
  10. ArmySoldier22

    Concord/Mooresville/Charlotte Meetup?

    Hey everybody, Was wondering if there's anybody planning any meetups near this area any time soon. And if not, how about we set one up. I'm looking forward to getting some face-to-face time with other OC'ers. Share information, stories, experiences. If anybody else is interested, just post a...