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    Proof of death

    Please people do not be fouled over the reports of Osama bin laden being killed , don't you all find it to be a little strange that they go in , find him, kill him , and then they cleansed his body befor a sea burial all over night without showing the people too which he has caused so much pain...

    Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual 3rd. Edition

    Let me say this first, "Out standing ", anyone who is carrying a weapon for self-defence or is going to start carrying needs to have this book with them at all time's, There are five things i never leave home with out; 1. my ID. 2. my gun permit, 3. my weapon a glock 23 .40cal, 4. a very...


    imported post WOW, found this in the speedway code, doe's this trump Indiana codes. 9.08.020 Concealed unlawful. It is unlawful for any individual to carry a concealed firearm within the town limits(Ord. 358 § 2, 1966). Chapter 9.08 FIREARMS 9.08.010 Discharge unlawful.* 9.08.020 Concealed...


    imported post Starting this Monday, 20th - friday 24th,students here on the IUPUI campus will protest theGUNFREE ZONEbywearing their holsters without the weapon in them,Lets all come out and support them in their efforts to get this law change to keep our schools and the students safe.

    Carry In Church

    imported post After the recent church shootings , and school shootings and the shootings that took place in NEW YORK, it is not safe to go anywhere anymore, now I'm not an anti-God type of guy, believe me i do believe in GOD but when your sitting in your church and some crazed gunmen comes in...


    imported post To all that open carry , i was wondering why has there never been an open carry lunch here in the down town area of Indiannpolis, i would love to have the opportunityto meet and greet with every one that feels the same way i do about open carry, and would like to show every one in...