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    None of us should have any excuse as to why we shouldn't be voting in November. This is a very important election. In the event you are not registered or need to vote "absentee" there is a link below for you. https://www.virginia.gov/services/register-to-vote/
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    no guns on Jared property???

    I got the VCDL alert email which contained a story about Jared Jewelry store in Short Pump: Member Steve Brown was surprised to see an anti-gun message on Jared Jewelry's door in the Short Pump Town Center in Richmond. The message takes up a good portion of the door, was clearly written by a...
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    open carry group killed

    wow....this is terrible http://wtvr.com/2015/03/20/group-known-for-open-carry-marches-in-carytown-die-in-head-on-collision/
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    Richmond gun show Jan 31-Feb1

    I have two tables at the show for VaGunTader.com members. They can bring their guns, ammo, accessories to sell. I don't charge anything. It's open to you guys too. If you have anything gun related bring it, set it on the table, pull up a chair or browse the show.
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    pictures from Lobby Day?

    Whos got pics or videos of Lobby Day.....of the pro-gun or the antis?
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    23rd Annual Vigil and Advocacy Day

    Which will you attend or
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    Who's in the 7th Congressional district? Brat -vs- Trammel

    Not sure who all is on your ballot in November, but there is a race for Congress. Eric Cantors seat is vacant after the election back in June, thanks to Dave Brat. I'm not a big follower of politics but its my understanding that Dave Brat is pro-gun, endorsed by the NRA and Gun Owners of...
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    Pin match

    In the event that any of you guys are interested there is a pin match (bowling pin) in Chesterfield on Oct. 25th to benefit Chesterfield County 4H Youth Shooting Development. Here is more info: http://www.vaguntrader.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=765244#.VDrgPPldXbM
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    Tannerite and Chesterfield

    Well, I guess we made too much noise back in April. Six months later Chesterfield is still having hearings on the matter. I plan on being there, hoping to get the landowner to come too. Here is the VCDL alert from today 2. Chesterfield hearing on Tannerite use...
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    Target poll

    spread the word to the rest of the forums http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/poll-do-you-support-targets-new-firearms-policy
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    any AR15 guys here???

    Guys, I thought I'd throw this out to you all. VaGunTrader and Zombie Defense is teaming up to do a run of lowers. I'm sure you guys have seen Zombie at the guns shows and may of been at his shop in Henrico. His lowers are made here in Virginia. Anyway, there is a post on VaGT with a list of...
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    Richmond gun show Feb 1-2

    VaGunTrader will have two tables there for members to use to sell their guns, ammo, and accessories. If you have something you want to sell feel free to set it out on the table, grab a chair and kick back at the table instead of walking around with it. It's free to use the tables. In the past we...
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    Lobby Day 2014

    When's the date for Lobby Day next year? Is it in January, King Day again?
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    NOV. 5th elections - NRA endorsements

    In case you are wondering who the NRA is endorsing. Click on STATEWIDE and STATE HOUSE to see them all. http://www.nrapvf.org/grades-endorsements/2013/virginia.aspx
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    anyone know anything about The Virginia Ready Reserve

    http://virginiareadyreserve.com/ I was wondering if anyone here was a member and could let us know about it.
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    MYRTLE BEACH any good gun shops or gun shows ?

    I'm visiting Myrtle Beach this week from Virginia. Not that I'll be buying any guns while I'm there but is there and good gun shops worth visiting in MB or along the way from I95 to MB? Any gun shows down that way this coming weekend?
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    Richmond Times Dispatch and the NRA 500 ????

    First I log on to Yahoo this morning and theres an article about how Fox broadcasted the NRA 500 last night but never called in the NRA 500. Now I'm looking at the SPORTS front page Sunday Richmond Times newspaper and I see they have ...AAA 500 - Busch bolts to win at Texas. AAA???? This...
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    petetion to deport Piers Morgan

    He had a show on CNN the other night, made a complete @ss of himself and really bashed guns. He had a pro-gun guy (can remember his name) on the show but never gave him a chance, got nasty with him and kept butting in when he was trying to speak and answer Piers questions. He really ticked me...
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    VCDL license plate ???

    A couple of years ago I remember the VCDL trying to get enough people to pre-purchase a VCDL license plate in order for DMV to approve it. They didnt get enough takers. Any plans on trying again? With this website, VaGunTrader, and VaGunForum we stand a much better chance of getting enough...
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    I moved to a different county. do I need a new CHP?

    I moved from one county to another, do I need to apply for a new Concealed Handgun Permit permit in the new county or just wait until it almost expires and then apply in the new county? Just want to make sure mine is still valid since it doesnt have my current address on it.