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    Positive LEO interaction in Newport News

    With all the info flying about negative interactions with the police in the last bit, I thought it would be good to relay a cute interaction from a couple of weeks ago. I was in an auto accident that left me and my family on the side of the interstate in Newport News. Unable to reach anyone...
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    Sharing the carry

    I have two coworkers that have recently been brought into the carry world. One decided this week to try regular open carry since his wife and son were away visiting family. He has not run into any complications so far, but is quickly becoming comfortable as an armed citizen. I think he is...
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    Eat green with a gun for St Pat in Manassas

    imported post Anyone interested in Fosters in old town for lunch. I know it's not irish, but the food is good! Manassas Open Carry Luncheon Fosters Grille in Old Town Manassas 3-17-2010 11:30-12:30 Open for suggestions for time change. Who's interested?
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    Well, that changes things

    imported post I was working on an event with the local Parks and Rec guys and was in the office with the maintenance folks when one just started staring slack jawed at me because he had noticed my sidearm when I took my overshirt off because I was hot. After a quick explanation of why I was...
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    Idiot w/ a gun starting the weekend right

    imported post Why do people think they need to do this? Gun not pulled in road rage but at least evidence was gathered quickly You never know who is watching (news crew). I guess they will have a hard time lying this away....
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    NOVA reporter gets it

    imported post http://www.insidenova.com/isn/news/local/article/that_well_regulated_militia_and_the_gun_experience/33175/#When:00:55:20Z
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    change in company policy

    imported post Update: Company policy now officially updated to allow secured firearms to be in personal vehicles on company policy!!!! old policy: in addition, firearms in employee vehicles are strictly prohibited! new policy: In addition, firearms in employee-owned vehicles parked on...
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    The DC reaction to Heller

    imported post They are going to restrict the registration to revolvers only and will enforce an updated safe storage requirement.... Watching on live feed from wusa9.com... ETA: there will be no carry, only home posession!
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    MCPD pats self on back

    imported post City police received 27 complaints during ‘07 I guess that all our calls and emails simply counted as one complaint. You just have to love a whitewash that doesn't show up in the annual statistics... btw: crime is also down because of the wonderful police work in the area...
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    HB 1323: Does this worry you?

    imported post I had to look this up after hearing a story about it on WTOP on the way home. Here is the HB1323 Summary. Emergency room doctors are apparently complaining about the current process where they have to call a designated psychologist for an independent evaluation before having a...
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    hmm Shotgun or Cash

    imported post http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20190386/
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    Lunch with LEOs?

    imported post I was talking with a coworker about the issues surrounding the Tony's incident. He has heard some of the arguements from both sides because he's involved in the local community and knows several officers (not any involved). He made the suguestion of opening friendly talks by...
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    NY Pizzaria shooting

    imported post Heard on the way into the office this morning about the NY shooting. Bloomberg is quoted by wtop as saying the man had a small arsenal (2 handguns and 100 rounds). I guess he'd lay a golden egg if he saw just about any one of us on the way to the range!!! Besides the fact that...