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    why does one school get its own topic on this forum?

    imported post what about the hundreds of other schools in this country?:cuss:
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    Gun laws printed on a t shirt

    imported post if theres a issue the cop can just read the laws off your shirt:celebrate
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    Wash your hands after handling ammo?

    imported post should i even if its fmj? could there be lead or other heavy metal residue?
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    Banned from carrying oc or cc?

    imported post how can they ban you if you were dishonorably discharced from the military had a dui i think there are a few other reasons but what if it was when you were young and stupid?
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    Homeless people open carrying

    imported post anyone ever seen a homeless person carrying?
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    Can you haggle over price on any new gun?

    imported post if the gun i'm looking at has a msrp of $505 what should i pay for it? is there a way to find out how much a dealer pays for invoice like you can with a car? :idea:
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    s&w revolver

    imported post im looking at model 686 plus or 386 xl hunter both have a 6" barrrel what will i gain by having a 6inch barrel over a 4 inch one?
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    where do you draw the line with a pat down

    imported post as seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6S8dzXHbe0 if it was a female cop it be different
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    The future glock?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4Iz0TXmmvU i dont know what the hell this guy is smoking but must be stronger then what i smoke
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    .460 rowland coversion

    imported post http://460rowland.com/ its about $300 anyone have one for their 1911? looks like it will still fit my serpa this may be a better choice for bears then buying another gun like a 44 mag or 500s&w?
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    .45 acp auto .45acp revolver

    imported post i see smith and wesson makes one would if have a higher velocity then my 1911 assuming i get one with a same size barrel
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    I am a open carryer was i wrongfully banned

    imported post open carry dot org banned?
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    Banned for open carrying

    imported post wtf is with this forum
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    If you get pulled over in any state

    imported post can they see on their computer if you have a ccw california for instance if i have a ccw i know they dont honer it just curious if they will know
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    imported post Do they just strictly enforce the laws or are they against people having guns? is their head guy from the brady bunch? do they have an opinion on open carry?
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    Front sight firearms training institute

    imported post http://www.frontsight.com anyone ever go here? thoughts?
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    Open carry of a bow or cross bow

    imported post could it be done legaly
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    12 GAUGE handgun

    imported post ive seen a few with a short barrel and no stock is it a hand gun or a short barreled shotgun that you have to pay a 200 tax on
  19. E


    imported post are these accurate if i want to buy another used gun http://hotgunz.com/ http://stolenweapon.com/ http://www.firearmsfax.com/ there may be others
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    Accidental Discharge

    imported post Has any one had it happen? what went wrong? did you get hurt or hurt someone?