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    Volunteers wanted for VCDL table at Doswell

    I'm in need of volunteers for the VCDL table at the Doswell Gun Show this weekend (February 25-26). I need volunteers for all shifts. The shifts are: Saturday, February 25 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday, February 26 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m and 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m...
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    Help needed at VCDL table for Jan 1-2/2011 gun show in Fredericksburg

    I'm seeking volunteers to work the VCDL table at the Fredericksburg Gun Show on Saturday, January 1, 2011 and Sunday, January 2. I'm in most need for volunteers for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The shift schedule is: Saturday -- 9AM to 1PM and 1PM to 4PM Sunday -- 10AM to 1PM and...
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    Volunteers needed for VCDL table this weekend

    imported post I need help staffing the VCDL table at this weekend's gun show in Fredericksburg, VA. I need volunteers for the Sunday morning shift and one more person for the Saturday afternoon shift but all help is welcome. The shifts are: Sat | Sun 9AM to 1PM | 10AM to 1PM 1 to 5PM | 1 to 4PM...
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    IDs accepted to purchase firearm???

    imported post A co-worker tried to purchase a "non-VA assault" rifle over the weekend. The dealer refused to accept his drivers license since it has a PO Box instead of his physical address. What are his options for what to use as ID?
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    FLS asking for opinions of HB2144

    imported post HB2144 blocks access to the CHP database maintained by the VSP. Story hightlights that CHP info can still be accessed at courthouses. Currently on their homepage as: NEWS ALERT: State votes to block access to gun-permit database. What do YOU think? (15:24)...
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    Seeking volunteers for VCDL table at Fredericksburg gun show

    imported post The Fredericksburg Gun Show is being held concurrently with the Fredericksburg Outdoor Sportsman Show this weekend (Feb 20-22). It's a best of both worlds setup -- exhibit and vendors geared towards hunting, fishing, and camping with a gun show next door all for one admission...
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    SB1035 - restaurant ban "semi-" repeal passed in Senate

    imported post Passed 24 to 16
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    Senator McDougle's Survey

    imported post I received a generic email from Senator McDougle soliciting for his "2009 General Assembly Survey." He has one 2A related question. It is http://tinyurl.com/7afh3 http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=qfHcw7Qo1mKc_2fS9F_2bOzxUQ_3d_3d Hit it up if you're in Virginia State Senate...
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    Wanted: Volunteer to work VCDL table on Sunday morning

    imported post I'm seeking one volunteer to work the VCDL table on Sunday, December 14 from 10AM to 1PM at the Fredericksburg gun show. I prefer to have at least two people working the table per shift. You will be working with an experienced VCDL member and you get free admission to the show...
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    VICTORY: Spotsylvania County public hearing TONIGHT to remove CHP fingerprinting on Tuesday 9 DEC

    imported post This is short notice alert. The agenda was just put on the web this morning. Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 9), the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to remove the CHP fingerprint requirement. It's the second to last item on the agenda (see...
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    OK gun transfer laws

    imported post Background: My father passed away recently. He lived in Oklahoma and owned a handgun and a shotgun. He did not have a will. As his only child, I likely will be named the executor/administrator of the estate. I live in Virginia and, while familiar with the laws here, I haven't a...
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    Kaine angling for higher position

    imported post Video of interview on Free Lance-Star ETA: Kaine doesn't want a cabinet position but would NOT rule out VP if asked by Obama
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    FLS photographer is an idiot

    imported post The picture with today's front page story on the Free Lance-Star's website is . The story is on people going through the local police academy. This is stupid on so many levels. How stupid is the photographer to be taking that picture? And, even if the gun is unloaded and his...
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    Spotsy BOS to discuss "discharging of firearms" tomorrow

    imported post At roughly 4:45PM on Tuesday, February 12, the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors will discuss "discharging of firearms." This is a follow-up to action requested by the Board after some homes were struck by gunshot. The executive summary for this agenda item says county...
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    Senator Webb finally replying???

    imported post Anyone else suddenly getting responses from Senator Webb? I contacted Senator Webb on at least two occassions via his Senate website. The most contact would have been in December. I never received any replies. On January, 16, I received a generic "thanks for writing" response...
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    House rejects Capitol gun restriction

    imported post My source but elsewhere as well: House rejects Capitol gun restriction The Associated Press RICHMOND, Va. The House of Delegates overwhelmingly rejected a proposal Wednesday to restrict the possession of guns at the Virginia Capitol. The House voted 77-18 to reject Delegate...
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    Mom charged after 4 yr old takes handgun to school

    imported post Mom charged after her 4 year old took a loaded handgun to school. First reported story
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    VCDL 2008 Legislation Tracking Tool

    imported post Anyone know when it will be made available?
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    UK is banning samurai swords

    imported post http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20071213/od_nm/swords_dc_2 Banning samurai swords Thu Dec 13, 10:30 AM ET LONDON (Reuters) - The government said Wednesday it would ban the sale of samurai swords because the weapons had been used in a number of serious, high-profile attacks. The...
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    Need volunteers to work VCDL table

    imported post I looking for volunteers to work the VCDL table at this weekend's gun show in Fredericksburg. The shifts are 9am-1pm Saturday, 1-5pm Saturday, 10am-1pm Sunday, and 1-4pm Sunday. I know this a busy time of year with holiday parties, holiday shopping, and life in general. Any help...