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    Blog post with a curious Anti

    http://open.salon.com/blog/yserba/2012/01/09/the_sf_too_many_victims_candlelight_vigil this is about the too many victims candlelight vigil. One person "Kevin army" says he wants to attend an OC event to try to understand us. Says he's uncomfortable. I've already posted (under my real...
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    Outside Wal-Mart LEO Encounter

    Officer E. Howell of the Atlanta PD stopped me while I had a hand full of groceries because he saw my handgun printing under my shirt. Luckily I managed to turn my phones voice recorder on in time and recorded the entire encounter. From when he asked for a permit, tried to make me show him my...
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    Train story

    So I'm on the train on my way to work. I have my ipod on, and some young guy says to his friend "when the door opens, I'm going to take that ipod and run out, meet me at the 39" He gets up, stands by the door. He didn't know I heard that. I played like I casually lifted my shirt to tighten...
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    African americans open carrying

    I myself am an african american and as much as I hate to claim the race card, it holds true in open carry situations. I've been places with a white friend and we both open carried and law enforcement felt the need to detain me, seize my gun, THEN check my permit (in that order). But my white...