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  1. kennys

    Greater Richmond OC Dinner, Tues, April 9th at 7:00 - one of the favorite spots!

    Possibly 3, will know for sure when time gets closer.
  2. kennys

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    I seen a few people carrying in there without issue also, will keep it in mind though.
  3. kennys

    Lobby Day is coming

    Put in for my PTO on the 21 so I am planning to make it.
  4. kennys

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    Within the last week Oc'ed Wal-Mart Mechanicsville, Food lion Mechanicsville, Kroger Mechanicsville, Cracker Barrel Mechanicsville, Green top, Key Kopy Safe and Lock Mechanicsville, Staples Mechanicsville. Wawa Mechanicsville No issues.
  5. kennys

    Greater Richmond OC Dinner, Traks, Tuesday December 11th 2018

    I am going to try to make it.
  6. kennys

    Sat February 1, 2014 9:30am Fredericksburg O.C.Breakfast, Shoney's at 2203 Plank Rd

    This seems like a good place to start.
  7. kennys

    OC Breakfast Fredericksburg any one?

    I really like the greater Richmond area OC events, but some of them are a little far from my realm so I am looking for another option at times. I have not seen as much going on from the Bowling Green Fredericksburg area and really think we should get something going and have our presence known...
  8. kennys

    Greater Richmond OC Breakfast, Sat. 1/8

    Couldn't make it, had to pick up our new child, the feathered one. Joan's friend gave her to us. She is great with calling my dogs to her to terrorise them, now all I have to do is teach her to say guns save lives.
  9. kennys

    Visiting De land for a week and miss my OC

    Came down here from Va yesterday and have a week of training for my company. On a good note I see at least an employer cannot keep you from having a weapon locked in your car, on a bad note, I miss OC, guess I will have to OC in my motel room. Well just wanted to drop by the site and say hello.
  10. kennys

    Transport Weapon Through Georgia

    I am leaving Virginia next weekend to travel to Florida for a training class for my work. Va permits are not valid in Ga as I know, how may I legally transport through without issue? I will be in a vehicle with no trunk, and if I stop off at a motel, am I legal to take it inside with me? Thanks
  11. kennys

    Are they trying to save us so they can just destroy us? Where are the brains?

    It really sucks sometimes with the reality you see on a day to day basis really don’t make much sense. No smoking, no running, no wake zone, no speeding, no drunk driving, drug free zone, and don’t forget No GUNS!!!!!!! Safety, health, and well being is a few things that link these words but...
  12. kennys

    Mary Washington Hospitol Fredericksburg

    There are a few good reasons that I don’t like Mary Washington Hospitol. I am not going to go there as I wouldn’t want to be accused of slander or something, but there are a few I will state for the record. For starters, my wife got thrown off a horse while we were visiting F berg today.(She...
  13. kennys

    Bloomberg at it again with another so called loophole

    imported post From WTOP UNDATED - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is upset about a federal loophole. It lets people on the FBI's Terrorist Watchlist to legally buy guns and explosives. Bloomberg will voice his objections to the current law when he testifies on Capitol Hill Wednesday. The...
  14. kennys

    My letter to Wolf Trap, and their response.

    imported post A few weeks back I had sent a letter to Wolf Trap questioning the basis of their weapons ban. Maybe I worded itin correctly, maybe not. Below is my message to them along with there response. Figured it would be a good topic. From: Kennys Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 3:10 PM...
  15. kennys

    Another good reason to carry a gun.

    imported post http://www.nbc12.com/Global/story.asp?S=12242040
  16. kennys

    Looks like Bloomberg is at it again.

    imported post Not sure how old this is but it looks semi new, and concerns me please follow the link. At the end of thestory you can download the PDF Plan. I feel it is feasible to the site as it takes wepons to OC...
  17. kennys

    CNN poll

    imported post http://www.cnn.com/JUSTICE/ Scroll half way down the page and the pole is on the right.
  18. kennys

    Perks for permits.

    imported post While I am not against added positive for gun rights, I am kind of torn as are some more of a step backwards rather than forward. Almost as a separation between gun rights, and 2a rights as per the bill of rights and the constitutional warnings of they shall not be infringed...
  19. kennys

    Post Office in Hardware Store Question

    imported post I had to go to the Post office at Earls Hardware store today in Fredericksburg for a work related mailing. It was my first time there and I noticed there was nothing separating the post office from the store. It was just a window on one end of the store. Is it legal to OC or CC in...
  20. kennys

    VCDL/OCDO Freedom Rally Blood Drive with Va Blood Services 10/17

    imported post In a conversation with Phillip, Ed and others from the VCDL. We would consider it a good gesture to how giving we are as a whole, if we could have Virginia Blood Services come to our Freedom Rally Event with a blood drive. I have had contact with them and they seem to have no...