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    Nerve racking situation for me the other day

    I just wanted to share this situation since it not only put me in a very uneasy situation while I was armed but afterwards ticked me off for the past day and a half as well. note: relevant story to title is in bold if you want to skip through. its a long read but with stories, that's just...
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    Traveling to Alabama, have a few carry questions.

    I have a few questions about open carry and public lands in the Northern Alabama area and would love to get some feedback from any who are familiar with the questions and don't mind taking the time for it. My family and I are traveling to Hunstville for the first several days of April to visit...
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    Missouri man charged with murder for shooting thief on his property.

    http://www.fox4kc.com/news/wdaf-neighbors-say-shooting-of-wouldbe-thief-was-justified-20110125,0,3392677.story KANSAS CITY, MO. — Friends and neighbors are coming to the defense of a Kansas City, Missouri, man who police say shot and killed a would-be go kart thief in his back yard last...
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    Open Carry in a Bar

    I've been looking at the Missouri Revised Statutes and cannot find anywhere where open carrying in a bar is illegal as far as State law is concerned. I was looking for more help on this topic. I have a friend who owns a bar and sometimes we have private poker games or poker tournys there on...
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    Showing ID - Wildlife Code and Conservation Agents.

    I do alot of fishing, mushroom hunting etc. and my family and I spend alot of time in State Conservation Areas as well as Federal Wildlife areas and I am pretty much always open carrying when I am out on these public lands. There are some confusing Statutes in regards to having to show ID...
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    Queston about IANAL

    imported post Frequently on this site as well as other forums or in person to person chatting, many of us who deal with firearms issues discuss laws and ordinances relating to our issues. We have questions, we make comments and we give and receive answers. Many times we quote specific laws...
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    Yep, this isn't the wild west.

    imported post I was always an Earp guy, though I don't believe eithergroup involved in this fight were the good guys. I imagine most of you Arizonans are familiar at least in part with this event but to refresh anyone's memory a bit, The O.K. Corral was one of the most famous gunfights in...
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    OC'd in CoMo no probs - DWI checkpoint had probs.

    imported post First of all I need to warn anyone reading my account that it is very long as semi-detailed. If you wish to spend your time reading it all and feel its been wasted due to my long and windy representation, I can't be held accountable for that. It was your choice. :cool: I OC'd in...
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    Hazelwood - Man Shoots, Kills Would-Be Robber

    imported post There's not alot of information made public yet other than robber pulls gun, robber demands money, robber gets shot and dies because his potential victim had armed himself that night. http://www.fox2now.com/news/ktvi-hazelwood-robbery-murder-050510,0,7732266.story
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    OC question - magazines

    imported post I am looking for information in regards to our state laws here in Missouri about OC and magazines. If I am open carrying a sidearm and legally able to do so and I don't have a CCW permit, do I also have to have any extra loaded magazines in view too or am I allowed to conceal them...