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  1. Chap

    What the Greenville MS Courthouse has done doesn't appear legal.

    They posted the following signs on the entry way. They won't allow OC or CC on courthouse property. That's ok in my opinion concerning the "Basic" MS Firearms Permit " SEC. 45-9-101. (13) No license issued pursuant to this section shall authorize any person to carry a stun gun, concealed...
  2. Chap

    New Gun Buster sign posted in Greenville MS

    I just went to my favorite local package store in Greenville MS to buy some vodka. Unfortunately they had two signs on the door saying no weapons OC or CC allowed. I spun around and drove home. I Goggled the phone number then called to inquire when they decided to post the signs. I was passed...
  3. Chap

    Mississippi Court House Lock boxes

    I stopped by the Greenville, MS Court house today. There were signs on the exterior doors stating "No Firearms or you will be arrested" or something to that affect. Once inside the main door about 10 feet down the hall there is a metal detector and an officer from the Sheriffs department. I...
  4. Chap

    MS Attorney Generals Opinion ( No open carry )

    Found this on USA Carry forum. On June 14, 2012 the MS Attorney Generals office declared that the weapon must be totally concealed. Opinion No. 2012-00248. Here is a link the opinion...
  5. Chap

    North Ms Get together

    Must be nice Wow 200 acres, I'd be in if others what to do a cook out. I've got a 28' travel trailer I could bring so we would have a bathroom and plenty of propane. Maybe an over night camp out telling lies all night by the fire. Chap
  6. Chap

    New Law Concerning Endorsements for Training - House Bill 506 was signed by the Gove

    I posted this over at another Forum. http://www.msgunowners.com/t14386-new-law-concerning-endorsements-for-training-house-bill-506-was-signed-by-the-governor Just noticed this update to http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/mississippi.pdf (it's on Page two) It was added to the Mississippi page on -...
  7. Chap

    Obama is good for something

    I just added another 45 ACP to my family. Check out my new baby, isn't she a beauty? Top left XDm 45 ACP, bottom right is my daily Concealed carry Kimber Ultra carry II 45 ACP. Obama is good for the sale of weapons, he scares me. I'm loading up on ammo and filling my gun safe. I'm getting a...
  8. Chap

    Finally a Story instead of a Question

    I know this won't be as exciting as Open Carrying in a town with LEO's preaching their opinions..... but here goes. I have MS FireArms Permit and carry concealed under an un-tucked shirt. I was in a check out line at the Greenville. MS Walmart. An Older woman in front of me, tapped me on my...
  9. Chap

    Best recording device while OC/CC ing

    I've read quite a few posts where using a recording device helped. I have an Iphone, I'll have my mic running once I get approached. The phone times out - locks so the LEO won't be able to tell that it's recording nor will they be capable of turning off the phone. (except by...
  10. Chap

    Access to Military Bases if any

    I'm retiring from the Military this year (Mandatory 30 year retirement). I want to travel around the US on a Honda GL1800. (retirement present to myself :lol:) I'd imagine I will be hoping from one Military base to another either to use the lodging on base or use other benefits. I presently...
  11. Chap

    Forum specific Question, I'm a little slow this morning

    :banghead:Can someone explain what's the difference between the "What's New"? (TAB) and the "New Posts" TAB? Thanks in advance....... Chap :banghead: