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    renew conceal carry question?

    Remember is also allows you to bypass the NICS check.
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    Thank you John Lott

    I loved his book “More Guns, Less Crime”!
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    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    Now if we can just get some sort of campus carry bill passed.
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    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    Here you go https://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Kentucky-House-passes-permitless-conceal-carry-bill-goes-to-governors-desk-506561551.html
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    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    The bill has passed and is being sent to the governor for signature.
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    State Representative Goforth to request AG's opinion on constitutionality of gun laws.

    I actually think its a pretty good idea to ask him for his opinion. I mean what real downsides are there for doing so? But from what I can recall he hasn't addressed much on what his beliefs and policy are on gun rights or gun control. The request for an opinion will put him on the record to...
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    State Office Building Evacuated

    I wonder if we can expect this reaction more often given the recent events that have dominated the news. Its not illegal, nor particularly rare to see someone carrying a firearm in a state building. Had I answered the 911 call, I would have probably replied with a "so what"...
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    Feinstein violated DC's gun ban. Sign my petition to charge her.

    I need 150 signatures for it to go public. http://wh.gov/ysqP
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    Petition to arm teachers and principals

    Sign the petition, share it with your friends and family! http://wh.gov/RnDE
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    Lexington Center

    Does anyone from the Lexington area know much about the affairs of Lexington Center. I was in attendance this weekend at the State Homeland Security Conference which was at Lexington Center. I noticed all the doors had signage saying that weapons were prohibited.
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    Laurel County

    While this isn't exactly a open carry issue, the Laurel County Fiscal Court is attempting to ban the possession of concealed firearms in county buildings. While they are within their legal abilities to do so, I say don't fix what is not broke. If you all get bored and feel like making some...
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    Local Ordinances

    I've found a good website that has ordinances for numerous cities throughout Kentucky on it: http://www.amlegal.com/library/ky/index.shtml I found some interesting stuff in Paris' ordinances. It appears to ban the concealed and open carry of firearms on all Paris property inside and out...