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    Armed citizen saves cashier's life

    True, but a realistic one, based on history and personal expierience. With a gun involved one can bet that lone officer had mucho backups there shortly. What occured then is anyones guess.
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    Armed citizen saves cashier's life

    Not on the video at least. What happened after 30 cops showed up is anyones guess.
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    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    The thing everyone seems to keep missing in the rush to pile on the carrier is HE didn't cause the panic. It's a given very few shoppers could even have known he was there. The idiot manager did that by initiating a bogus fire alarm. And the carrier came out along with the rest of the...
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    Problems in carrying in my church

    I'm on the security force at my church. There is no no gun policy at our church , and many of the congregation carry male and female. There are no state wide requirements to be a security guard in ky. At any rate most church security teams in my area are volunteer , receiving no pay so...
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    For once ky can make a difference

    At the federal level on gun control. McConnell can , if motivated , stop any red flag or new gun regulation in the Senate from ever teaching Trumps desk. Every ky gun owner and every Kentuckian who honors the Constitution should be contacting old Mitch and reminding him in no uncertain...
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    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    Hard to say. The statute they are trying to use requires intent. Hard to prove . And missing in this instance I guessing that if the anti gun county prosecutor goes to court the charge will be dismissed unless it's a liberal anti gun judge.
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    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    They will have to prove intent as that is mentioned in the statute I believe. Intent is a mental state, which in a case like this is impossible to prove . If the charges aren't dropped he will beat the rap.
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    Red Flags and White Supremacists. American Thinker .com

    Until a person commits or attempts to commit an illegal act, there is no way to know what an individual will or won't do. Period. Red Flag in any form does away with due process, and being innocent until proven quilty.
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    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    There was no panic until the idiot manager pulled a firealarm. The firefighter who apparently thinks he is 007 is extremely lucky he was not quite legally shot in SD for pulling a gun on a citizen doing a completely legal act. Personally I hope after the charges are tossed out the guy...
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    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    That charge should be applied to the idiot Wal-Mart manager that panicked everyone by pulling a fire alarm.
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    Red Flag Bill

    The Governor , mayors, sherriffs, just to name a few. I won't even mention the bloodbath such a law would cause in Ky.
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    Simpsonville Mall violation

    Nothing does. But they do have the right to tell one to leave for pretty much no reason at at,all. Gun or no gun. But you are correct that ky state gun regulations don't apply to OC.
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    Red Flag Bill

    Been keeping tabs on this. It won't be filed until November. Even though odds of the bill passing are miniscule, or Bevin signing it if it should slip thru even less, Kentuckians,should start hammering their respective reps that a vote for this is basically a resignation from office. This...
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    Holmes County (Bonifay, on Georgia border) Sheriff John Tate offering free training to CCW permitees.

    Good on the Sherrif. Be better if he would,make the same offer to all gun owners in his county no just ones,with permission slips. Armed citizens on the spot are the only way to minimize or stop these killings. You can tell a dog it isn't allowed teeth but it'll grow them regardless...
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    el paso shooting (talking about facebook/media coverage)

    I've no doubt the shooting happened. Ive huge doubt about the official stated causes of most,of these,shootings.
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    Gem City’s Oregon district shooting.

    Supposedly the shooter was killed by police less than a,minute after he opened fire. Lot of damage done in a matter of seconds. That's 3 major attacks,in less,than a,week , 5 in the past 8 days. This,stuff picks up the months approaching every Fed election. Be plenty more before...
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    el paso shooting (talking about facebook/media coverage)

    Probably to prove they actually did enter.
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    BREAKING: Confirmed active shooter at Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall, El Paso

    Shooter was a white , from Dallas, witnesses described as "calm and nonchalant" as he walked through shooting people. Wearing ear protection! When is the last time,an active shooter felt the,need to wear ear,protection? No shots fired by LE, suspect didn't resist arrest. 2 mass shootings...
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    4 dead, including shooter, during attack at Gilroy Garlic Festival.

    It's a,pretty good bet half of the wounded were hit by police,fire at min. That would never be released however regardless.
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    Florida Judge Strikes Down Fines for Municipalities Which Pass Gun Control

    Agree about Stumble and Brasheher . Blevins is going to have a rough row to hoe however after he made,enemies of about every person employed by the public school system, and foolishly led the charge to make ky a right to work state. I'll vote for him , but other than my wife and one friend I...