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  1. Sorcice

    Visiting CA.

    1st thing- I will be visiting CA in the next 2 months or so. With the 9th circuit ruling is there any chance of getting an out of state conceal lic/permit? 2nd thing- I plan to bring a few things with me when I visit as my family lives in the mountains and I'd like to do some shooting. Are the...
  2. Sorcice

    Looking for gun show 2 weeks?

    I'm looking for a gun show in the Madison or maybe Milwaukee area in the next 2 weeks. Grandparents are stocking up on ammo before heading back to CA. Also what's a good price for .308 at the moment? I really only ever follow 9mm, .40 and 223/556
  3. Sorcice

    general mitchell airport

    Does anyone know if it's posted? Also, if posted is it like Madison(Dane county regional airport) where only concealed is banned? I'm picking up roommate today.
  4. Sorcice

    Elie's before June 15th rally.

    Do we want to try and do a breakfast get-together at Elie's family restaurant before the rally at the Capitol on June 15 like last time? Location: Elie's Family Restaurant 4102 Monona Dr, Madison, WI 53716 http://goo.gl/maps/tJQG6
  5. Sorcice

    Capitol city Harley

    I got a 2003 heritage springer. And some new riding duds. :)
  6. Sorcice

    Capitol city Harley

    FYI, Capitol city Harley Davison newly named badger Harley in Madison is very carry friendly. My brother and I both bought bikes from them a few days ago and the sales guy, clothing shop lady and finance guy didn't even flinch with both of us OC. The finance guy actually has a packing in packer...
  7. Sorcice


    Hello, Quick question. I am headed to waterloo, ia to visit and was wondering if there are any updates to legal OC/cc beside having a permit? I have a WI ccw so should be fine there. The other thing is carry in a bar if I'm not drinking. I wasn't able to find any statues related to bars being...
  8. Sorcice

    Magazine capacity.

    I know it is illegal to buy a a magazine over the capacity of 10 rounds but if I were to give someone a 13 round for example would that be illegal to have/use?
  9. Sorcice

    Private sales

    Are private sales in ca legal? Family from ca are asking me. It is here in WI but wasn't sure out there.
  10. Sorcice

    sig p250 holster

    I posted this in the holster and accessory area but just in case some of the WI residents don't get over there much here it is again: I am looking for a serpa cqc for my sig P250 compact in .40 with the new rail(standard pica rail). I am starting to think I am SOL.. As far as I have seen the...
  11. Sorcice

    sig p250

    I am looking for a serpa cqc for my sig P250 compact in .40 with the new rail(standard pica rail). I am starting to think I am SOL.. As far as I have seen the p2022 holster works for full size like a glove and the sub compact is a bit loose. I don't want to get a holster that doesn't fit...
  12. Sorcice

    Really cheap Carry On t-shirt

    Stumbled on this site with a ton a cool shirts but figured some of the patrons here might like this one: http://6dollarshirts.com/product.php?productid=11405 Cheers, -Sorc
  13. Sorcice

    Gun registration

    In the the video linked below they assert that there is no gun registration. If this is so, then back in CA years ago how did my beretta come up with my name attached to it at a traffic stop. Is it only at the state level maybe? http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=relmfu&v=9ic7TE9IsOQ
  14. Sorcice

    Interesting article "the riddle of the gun" by Sam Harris.

    Sam Harris is a well known philosopher and brain scientist though most of his work is in philosophy. The following article was written mainly in favor of the armed law abiding citizen though he does make points for the other side which are then refuted by reason by Harris. Take a look if...
  15. Sorcice

    Private sales

    Are private gun sales legal in ca? I am here on vacation and may be buying a used pistol. Didn't know if they are required to be transferred through an ffl. Thanks!
  16. Sorcice

    Did I miss something ?

    I thought CA was still a may issue state and goes county to county? I was listening to 105.1 in Fresno and there was a company advertising ccw courses. Is there a req now for a ccw course cert to be considered for a lic or are they just doing the class for money sake?
  17. Sorcice

    Mke journal article

    I was just asked by a regular at Denny's whether I had seen the article about concealed carry in the journal as he was leaving. Any idea what the article was about? I can't find anything.
  18. Sorcice

    Going to CA.

    Unfortunately half of my family lives in CA and I am off to visit tues till jan 8th. Hopefully I make it back. Lol. Wish me luck. :(
  19. Sorcice

    Black Friday at gander mtn

    Has anyone been to the 9pm-midnight thanksgiving or Black Friday sales at gander? I was thinking about picking up a new pistol but wasn't sure if anyone knew what kind of discounts they have had in the past. Thanks!
  20. Sorcice

    Tactical awareness.

    I realize this has come up before. But I wanted to get a little more specific. We should all practice situational/tactical awareness whether we carry or not but in the case I'm currently witnessing at 4am at a Perkins I'm a bit disturbed. I generally sit in a corner of the room with views of the...