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  1. Wolf1477

    GFSZ Question

    Ok, had a conversation with someone yesterday who recently took her WI CCL requirement course (not WCI, sorry for any confusion), and she stated that her instructor told the class that you could carry (CC/OC) a firearm in your car in a school parking lot, as long as you don't exit the vehicle...
  2. Wolf1477

    SB228 on it's way to the Governor's desk

    Like this?<g> (Is it time to go home yet?)
  3. Wolf1477

    Baltimore: Bullet tax?

    Really? My first impulse is to laugh hysterically...until I realize this guy is serious about it. http://www.wbaltv.com/r/28595846/detail.html#COMMENTTOP Scary thing is, according to the poll embedded in the article, there's over 500 people who agree with this doofus.
  4. Wolf1477

    SD Shooting caught on tape.

    http://www.whiotv.com/video/index.html Looks like he did things right, 2 shots to put the BG down, stopped shooting.
  5. Wolf1477

    What will be your CC weapon of choice?

    Here's mine: Full size PT1911 DuoTone ::edit:: wrong pics as I'm sure this thread will end up being moved to a different section of the forum
  6. Wolf1477

    Auction Arms: WI PPA

    Short little blurb in my Auction Arms newsletter, at first read appears to be the same ol' same ol'. I wonder if the NRA will accept responsibility if the Gov't mangles SB93 as fast as they're willing to claim the glory for it's existence...
  7. Wolf1477

    Must have accessory for a 1911

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rHzcOoEmSY&feature=channel_video_title He's also a *great* example of gun handling safety. LoL ok probably not. Happened across this last night, thought it was "different" and thought I'd share. (Disclaimer: I'm sure others have seen this before, I stumbled...