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  1. MatieA

    VFW Post 1881 ANTI-GUN

    The VFW Post 1881 here in Cheyenne has just voted to be a "weapons" free facility and will be posting "No Weapons Allowed" signs in the establishment this week. They did this without the knowledge of the Veteran membership. I sure hope that ALL members are thoroughly outraged about this.
  2. MatieA

    Gun Control Works!

    A 15 year old girl (my daughter) shows how effective gun control is at our 4-H Shooting Sports County Shooting Competition.
  3. MatieA

    Wyoming and Suppressors

    I may need to invest in a few suppressors both for a pistol, and a non-pistol(forum rules) for hunting :) Wyoming Gov. Mead signs bill allowing hunting with silencers...
  4. MatieA

    New Shooting Range in Cheyenne!!

    The following is the link to the new Shooting Sports Complex in Cheyenne including an indoor range that can handle up to .50 cal pistol, and rimfire rifles. The Grand Opening is the 18th of August. http://www.laramiecounty.com/_departments/_shooting_complex/index.asp
  5. MatieA

    Horizontal Shoulder Holsters

    You know I have read a lot about people not wanting to be muzzled by someone in front of them, and then twice this last week it has happened to me and has got me to thinking. People who don't have an issue with someone carrying (wearing) a gun may suddenly act very anti when they discover...
  6. MatieA

    Visiting Texas - How to conceal in warm weather?

    I am leaving Sunday to go to Arlington, Tx for a week. In Wyoming we do not have to conceal so if someone sees a pistol - no big deal. In Texas I know I have to completely conceal and am wondering how people do this without wearing extra layers of clothing in warm weather. I carry in a leather...
  7. MatieA

    Domestic Dipute? Pistol in stuffed animals

    This is terrible. That someone would do this to somebody else speaks volumes towards their state of mind. http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/08/travel/stuffed-animals-gun-parts/index.html
  8. MatieA

    Whats your OC set up?

    I like to keep things simple, this is all I carry, I normally have an extra mag in the glove box of the pickup.
  9. MatieA


    I couldn't resist sharing this one.
  10. MatieA

    Carry into any State Building in Wyoming

    I was recently asked to leave the Wyoming State Museum because the building code does not allow firearms into any State Building. Well, I emailed the Governor and asked him about this and was mailed a letter from Mike McVay - Director of the Department of Administration and Information, and in...
  11. MatieA

    I saw this article on the Yahoo Finance page---The name of the link says a great deal

    Personally I disagree with most of this article, I do however agree with what the cops say they will do to you if you argue; not that their actions would be correct but that they would do exactly what they say they would do in this article. I'm not even sure my last sentence made sense to me and...
  12. MatieA

    ROLL-CALL: Those who ride/collect motorized two wheel objects!

    Thought I would join the party and add some pics. Taken yesterday on top of the Bluffs by my house overlooking the shooting range Worst part of the day; had to pack up and go home.
  13. MatieA

    Party at McIntosh Lake in Longmont

    I am attending a going-away party at McIntosh Lake in Longmont ,and as I have been reading about Ordinances in the town, I am still unsure whether or not I can open carry at the lake. Anyone care to enlighten me on this subject? Thanks.
  14. MatieA

    H&R Model 949

    imported post My Mother-in-law asked me to look at her pistol. It is a .22LR revolver H&R Model 949. It has been stored for a really long time, and needed cleaning/oiling, and the trigger did not always pull all the way through. I discovered a plastic part in the grip that has something to do...
  15. MatieA

    A new reason to carry?

    imported post MSNBC.com HideAdFrame('StoryToolbarSponsorship');ChangeSponsorAdTitle(); Man shoots his way out of sinking SUV He crashed into creek after being startled by cell phone The Associated Press updated 3:55 p.m. MT, Mon., Jan. 18, 2010 function UpdateTimeStamp(pdt) { var...
  16. MatieA

    I am looking for links

    imported post Hi everyone, I am attending CTU online for my BS in Information Technology Security, and just started my English Composition II class. Our main project in this class is to write a paper on a controversial subject. I asked if I could write on the controversy of Openly carrying a...
  17. MatieA

    10 Amendment is not dead in Wyoming!!

    imported post http://earthhopenetwork.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=527 The court confirms and asserts that "the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official." And...
  18. MatieA

    Church Carry

    imported post I live in Wyoming where we can carry into a place of worship with the Pastor or Administrators consent. BUT I attend Church in Nebraska where the law states that you cannot carry a concealed weapon into a place of worship. My Pastor knows that I carry, and has asked if there was a...
  19. MatieA

    Obama's NEW Bill of Rights??

    imported post I found the wording of the description of the 2nd amendment troubling. I'm no expert at digging up this kind of info butit appears that this page was rewritten 10 August 2009 at 1416 EST. http://www.whitehouse.gov/our-government/the-constitution#bill The Bill of Rights One of...
  20. MatieA

    Travel Icon Says He'll Avoid Arizona Because of Gun Laws

    imported post http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,541522,00.html?loomia_ow=t0:s0:a16:g2:r3:c0.147536:b27299756:z0 Travel Icon Says He'll Avoid Arizona Because of Gun Laws Saturday , August 22, 2009 Well-known travel icon Arthur Frommer said he'll avoid visiting Arizona because state laws...