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  1. peter nap


    Sort of a sad story about VCDL rumors, with a good ending. I had a series of small procedures done today and it gave me time to talk to my nurse. I asked if she were a vcdl member and she said they started to join but one of her coworkers said vcdl was nothing but raciests. I pulled out the...
  2. peter nap

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. peter nap

    no no guns signs at ABC

    I've been looking for no guns signs at state buildings and not finding any. I stopped in an ABC store and asked...while open carrying...they didn't even know about the executive order, said it was stupid and until otherwise ordered, open carry was welcome.
  4. peter nap

    a bill coming this year

    A bill coming this year. This will prohibit shooting within 25 yards of a public road. The purpose is to stop shooting down roads as we saw in the Harris video I posted a while back. I'm in favor of this but is it going to be supported by the 2A community, or will they see it as an infringment????
  5. peter nap

    Greentop door person shoots self

    was looking for a new priming tool when BAM from up front. The door guard checked to see if a gun was unloaded but no one told him it was a bad idea to hold your hand over the muzzle. A good lesson from the highly trained staff at green tops.
  6. peter nap

    brandishing, assault or something else

    There are two comments concerning stopping or slowing traffic in this screen grab. What laws would be broken and what response would be legal?
  7. peter nap

    Arrested for photographing in Henrico

    There has been some discussion about if this is proper here or not. I'm going to post it and Grapeshot knows well I won't object if he nukes it. The man involved, ill just call him Kyle for now, is an OCer and was carrying when I talked to him the first time. He had wisely left his gun in the...
  8. peter nap

    another good one

    Came home and look who was waiting .
  9. peter nap

    interesting distinction

    In the meantime, people should be aware that they do not have the right to resist detention by officers, he said. Although Virginia has a law allowing citizens to resist unlawful arrest, the state Supreme Court has ruled this right does not extend to unlawful detention. The 2002 ruling in...
  10. peter nap

    let's shoot down the road in king and queen

    Dog hunters seem to get away with anything. Trespass, reckless handling, shooting from a public road, etc. Like street gangs, they like to video themselves doing it. This fellow was actually charged in King And Queen due to numerous complaints. He was sentanced yesterday. Shooting down a...
  11. peter nap

    who needs a gun while confronting trespassers

    http://m.wdbj7.com/news/local/southern-virginia/danville-police-man-shot-multiple-times-after-confronting-trespassers/33393962 Bennie Wesley Sigmon, 48, was shot multiple times by the one of the three men who were trespassing on his property. DANVILLE, Va. - UPDATE: A Danville man is dead...
  12. peter nap

    Blaze orange for Bloomy

    Today is wear orange day for the anti gun people. I generally don't wear it. It's a nannystater law but it does make it easy to spot trespassing RTR'S and escaped convicts. ...but today I'll wear a little along with my 1911. On June 2 HBO, MTV, and a host of celebrities will be joining Michael...
  13. peter nap

    fingerprinting on the books in Isle of Wight

    Everytime I look at one of these rural areas I find the fingerprinting ordinance. I wonder if VCDL's going to address them.
  14. peter nap

    What's a permit have to do with it.

    Concealed handgun permit holder found NOT GUILTY by jury ************************************************** Nicholas Thiel got into a confrontation with his girlfriend’s estranged husband and ended up shooting the husband.* The jury agreed it was a case if self-defense, finding Thiel not...
  15. peter nap

    This weekend

    I just wanted to give a quick thank you to all the service men and women here, active and otherwise. Without them we may not be carrying legally at all, much less open carrying. THANK YOU!
  16. peter nap

    Interesting issue in Hanover

    I went to Starbucks this afternoon and wasn't wearing my gun. it was on the car seat and I left it there. It was hot and that little navy blue car gets hot as the fires of hell in the sun, so I left the windows cracked..about 4 inches. Anyway, I was sitting up front where I could see it just...
  17. peter nap

    User insights

    While not an OC issue.....we certainly get a lot of insight from User over firearm cases and in fact, he did give his opinion of the McDonnell case before he was even charged. So it should be worth mentioning here again The interesting thing is that many legal scholars with a lot of the...
  18. peter nap

    finger printing

    I thought finger printing for CHPs had been done away with. If so, Southampton has an illegal ordinance. ..I ran across it looking at their dog laws. I don't have a dog in that fight (pun intended).
  19. peter nap

    I've seen all kinds of gun transactions...but not this

    Got a fellow whose profile on facebook says he lives in mexico, claims to be an FFL but wants to do FTF transactions on a half dozen guns when he Flys in tomorrow to visit family...he's on facebook. .. Interesting.
  20. peter nap

    ok legal researchers

    I have a real life situation I'm working on, and a question. Land owner has a shooting range. Land owner has told hunt club to keep out. Hunt club tells members they are going to run landowner out of town. Hunt club calls LEO also a hunt club member land owner shot their dog. No reason to...