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  1. J

    Parking Lot Bill Has Passed!

    And it's being prepared for signature by the Governor. It's really a shame that this won't apply to civilian workers that have to work on military installations (that really chaps my hide).
  2. J

    I was Permenantly Banned From TexasCHL

    ...and I don't know why. I got no email about it. I think the last thing I posted was a question to Mr. Cotton regarding his evaluation of pending legislation, and that was months ago. They sure have short fuses over there.
  3. J

    Carrying onto Military Bases

    If the state of Texas says I can carry while traveling, why can the federal government say I can't carry onto their base. At what point does a federal edict that contravenes State law become null and void? It seems to me that these two things conflict and if parking lot storage is passed, how...
  4. J

    Public Vote

    Why can't the issue of constitutional carry be brought up for a *public* vote instead of waiting for our brain-dead legislature to get around to it?
  5. J

    Oh Great...

    http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/50159264-76/campbell-computer-police-server.html.csp Seems some guy had been out drinking and was called back into the office for some reason, so he shot his company's network server with a .45 pistol.
  6. J

    Bar-b-que Idea

    imported post We need to hi\old open carry bar-b-que events in major Texas cities, starting with Austin. Call it "Buns and Guns", and invite anyone who cares to attend. The price of admission would be $10 (for food and drink) and a gun on your hip. We could invite the media and our state...