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  1. HankT

    4 firefighters shot, 2 dead in upstate N.Y

    Oh, great. Here we go again. An attempt at mass murder with a gun, according to this report. This is getting quite disheartening. Who in their right mind would shoot at firefighters on duty? Initial news reports are maddeningly vague on the weapon(s). If this is an "assault" rifle shooting...
  2. HankT

    "Gun Pandemonium as No Background Needed for Web Sales" Screams Bloomberg Headline

    "Gun Pandemonium as No Background Needed for Web Sales" Screams Bloomberg Headline This Bloomberg article ought to inform on the level of hatred, paranoia and lack of ethics that we are dealing with: Gun Pandemonium as No Background Needed for Web Sales By Matt Townsend - Dec 21, 2012 4:25...
  3. HankT

    What's The NRA Going To Do At The December 21, 2012 News Conference?

    It has been laying low for a week. Thinking, analyzing, strategizing . . . Now, the NRA has to do something. Should be interesting tomorrow morning at 10:45 AM ET. I can't figure out what the NRA is going to do. But I do know that it is a crucial part of the politics and law-making. It can...
  4. HankT

    Man charged with threatening massacre at Indiana elementary school

    Yet another goof with a gun. This is getting disheartening . . . Man charged with threatening massacre at Indiana elementary school (Reuters) - A 60-year-old Indiana man found to have concealed dozens of firearms in his home has been jailed on charges he threatened to kill people at a...
  5. HankT

    Gun Models Used In Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Massacre, Newtown CT

    1. Bushmaster AR-15 style, M4 .223 caliber semi-automatic 2. GLOCK 10mm caliber semi-automatic 3. Sig Sauer 9mm caliber semi-automatic 4. Shotgun make/model unspecified. First three guns above found next to shooter's body. First three guns reported to be legally purchased by Nancy Lanza...
  6. HankT

    Calls For Gun Control Stir Little Support

    Good news. It's still surprising me though. Every time there is a LAC gun massacre/multiple shooting, I always worry about whether the event will be the one that the anti-gunners will trumpet as heinous enough to force the political balance to shift enough so that some new and dumb control law...
  7. HankT

    Who Will Stand Up For Gun Control?

    Who will stand up for gun control? By Rose Gordon Sala - Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:43 PM EDT. Dan Gross, president at the Brady Campaign, said he doubted this incident would be enough to spark substantial reform. “I don’t think there’s going to be any one moment that’s going to change the national...
  8. HankT

    Can George Zimmerman Buy A Handgun? (Right Now)

    Just wondering about this. . . Let's say that George Zimmerman is driving down I-75 right now in Florida. It is 4:00 PM ET. Can he stop off at a gun shop and legally buy a handgun? I'm thinking yes.
  9. HankT

    Florida "Stand Your Ground" Law May Be Changed

    On Wednesday, Baxley [FL Rep. and author of 2005 SYG law] told CBS News that it's time for a new look at "Stand Your Ground." "We need to look at the circumstances that occurred and see if some kind of legislation is in order," Baxley said...
  10. HankT

    GA LAC With CWP Self-Defends Against Gangsta Rapper Thug

    imported post Aubrey Louis Berry, a college-educated music marketing guy, a law abiding citizen who had a CWP for his carried gun, successfully defended himself against a menacing and threateningrapper thug, Dolla. The jury has now ruled in Berry's favor. Dolla don't be layin' down no rhymes...
  11. HankT

    PA Wheelchair-Bound Man Defends Home

    imported post This kind of case displays the essential nature of firearms to protect life and home. Without a weapon,Leska istoast. No time for police to protect him. He had to do it himself. And he did. Former Marine Fends Off Washington Co. Home Invaders John Leska Says 3 Intruders...
  12. HankT

    FN and NRA Target Women

    imported post Nice news about the apparent continuingtrend of women arming up for self-protection and even competition. Advocacy programs like those of the women-only NRA huntsand market targeting by manufacturers like FN helps all gun owners/carriers. Even those who hate the NRA or who don't...
  13. HankT

    Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs

    imported post Sounds like it might be a goof with a gun. Was this guy OCing or CCing? I hope to God he isn'tone of our members... Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs The Associated Press Sunday, April 25, 2010; 9:02 PM ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- An Ohio man has been charged after...
  14. HankT

    NYC People Ignore Good-Samaritan Bleeding To Death

    imported post Too bad this Good Samaritan didn't have a gun to defend himself and the woman... People Ignore Good-Samaritan Bleeding To Death By MICHELLE J. ROBINSON wpix.com 11:37 PM EDT, April 24, 2010 [http://www.wpix.com/news/local/wpix-good-samaritan-murder-story,0,6142530.story]...
  15. HankT

    One On One With Ted Nugent

    imported post From the May 2010 issue of America's 1st Freedom. Thought it might interest some here. It's a good read. ·11250 Waples Mill Road ·Fairfax, Virginia 22030 ·800-392-8683 One on One With By Chris W. Cox, NRA-ILA Executive Director Let’s face it – when you work...
  16. HankT

    Ted Nugent On 2nd Amendment

    imported post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClPNGQbZQBU Ole Nuge. Gotta love 'im. Excerpt of interview by Evan Smith, Texas Monthly.
  17. HankT

    What The NRA Does For You

    imported post Just got to my May 2010 copy of America's 1st Freedom today. Here is an interesting and important article by Wayne LaPierre. Interesting, because it details some hard to remember major issues that the NRA has worked successfully on. Important, because each of these specified...
  18. HankT

    Tonight - Attempted Home Invasion at My House

    imported post About60 minutes ago, as I was typing away on the keyboard, I vaguely heard a man's voice outside and the person seemed to be moaning. My sense was that the voice was coming from outsidemy neighbor's home next door. I dismissed its importance. Then I heard it again with some...
  19. HankT

    Starbucks and Brady And OpenCarry: Biggest Battleground Yet

    imported post Some interesting details in this article about the Starbucks/Brady Campaign subject... 1. Brady is playing the guns are a danger to employees card. 2. Some OCers at today's Brady event are accused of chuckleheadedly interrupting the Brady speakers. 3. Bradyis using...
  20. HankT

    8 Thousand Posts For Doug

    imported post A momentous occasion today....Doug Huffman got his 8K! Doug is the first and only OCDO member to reach 8,000 posts.Doug is now the AllTime OCDO Posting Leader! Dougs's passed everyone.... Citizen, LEO 229, Grapeshot....everyone.... I rather doubt anyone will catch...