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    Anyone familiar with landlord/tenant/property laws?

    My family and I live in the state of WA. We're currently renting a condo from a private owner; however, the condo is among a community of condominium complexes, and is overseen by a real estate team, which has an "Association Board" directly responsible for overseeing the complex rules and...
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    Is anyone familiar with black mold?

    Is anyone here familiar with black mold? We have been having reoccurring problems with it since we've moved in to our apartment, five months ago. My family and I have been suffering from some unusual symptoms as of the last few months. We are typically very healthy people. I have had sudden...
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    Tell me about this .38 long cartridge revolver

    I came across this .38 long cartridge revolver when cleaning out my father in law's garage. He didn't know a lot about it, other than it came from his grandpa, and he's never shot it, himself. I did some research but couldn't find a lot about it online. The manufacturer is GAC Firearms MFG. Co...
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    Legal question regarding parenting plan

    For anyone who may have knowledge on the topic. My fiancee' has a daughter through a former relationship. They recently finalized their parenting plan. She has primary custody, and the father gets her every other Thursday through Sunday. The wording of the signed parenting plan states as...
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    Is this legal? (Debt Collection)

    On 06-17-2013, I received a voicemail from an unknown number. The voicemail was from a male individual who identified himself as "Mike Anderson". He claimed he was with "Process Verifications". He left his contact number at, 877-300-4842, and referenced a case number as: 2013-10380. In his...
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    Need to kick room mates out ASAP! Question! (Washington State)

    My wife and myself are renting a condo in the state of Washington. We also have a four year old daughter. We are renting it from a private individual. Back in December, my wife was in touch with some old acquaintances who claimed to be down on their luck. It was a guy and his pregnant...
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    Friend refused exit at Chuck E Cheese

    Here's a question for anyone who may be informed. My friend was recently telling me a story of how the employee of Chuck E Cheese wouldn't allow him to leave with his son, because the stamp on his hand didn't match up on the stamp on his son's hand - because his son came in with his brother...
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    Two guys jump another on a train.. but a swordman comes to the rescue

    That's right. A swordsman comes to the rescue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MRMNwq3ehFc
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    Now THIS is a good citizen

    Brian Bates AKA The Video Vigilante has been filming organized prostitution for over a decade. He sheds light on the realities of what it entails. Additionally, he does his part as a law-abiding citizen, and intervenes with criminal activity. In the video below, he intercepts a hostile pimp...
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    Can private property search you?

    This is all second hand information, so until I get absolute facts, I'll leave out the name of the community. My brother, who also open carries, was recently helping a friend move in to his new apartment. As he was unloading his friends Uhaul, he was approached by the property security officer...
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    Long leave of absence. Moved to AK

    And wow. Does it feel wonderful. A lot of you might remember me. I haven't posted on this forum in probably over six months. Maybe longer. I moved to Alaska to pursue a career in law enforcement, and I can tell you, it's surely a completely different atmosphere. Society and firearms here are no...
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    Demanding ID on credit card purchases

    Can employers require the purchaser to display their identification upon making a purchase with a VISA/MASTERCARD credit card? I know many merchants are doing this, and some customers are being refused service for failing to comply. Some customers have mentioned that it's a violation of...
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    Tell me about this Ketchikan law..

    Am I reading/interpreting this wrong? ftp://www.city.ketchikan.ak.us/pub/municode/9-32.pdf 9.32.010 Carrying concealed weapons. Any person who carries any firearms or any deadly weapon of any kind in a concealed manner within the corporate limits shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code...
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    Should I get an attorney?

    I use to work as an assistant manager of a retail store. I was the assistant manager for nearly a year, but I left to leave the state to pursue a career in law enforcement. I have degrees in criminal justice, and have been looking to pursue that field for many years. Anyway, about a week before...
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    WA Resident moving to AK.. some basic questions

    Hey guys. First, let me apologize if this topic has been beaten like a dead horse here. I was unable to use the search function to find anything. I am brushed up on WA's gun laws, but now that we're moving to AK, I feel I need to completely review everything there is to know. Can someone...
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    Alaska require a permit/license to CC?

    So according to the site map, Alaska is a gold star state for any type of carry, but, according to several AK police department websites, a permit/license is required to CC now? Is this correct? I am having a hard time finding the statute on it. Any help?! Thanks!
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    Moving from WA to AK. Driving through Canada. The laws?

    What are the laws on driving through Canada? Will I not be allowed to have my pistol with me -- even if it's locked up in a case?
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    Moving from WA to AK. Driving through Canada. The laws?

    What are the laws on driving through Canada? Will I not be allowed to have my pistol with me -- even if it's locked up in a case?
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    Besides a gun, what do you carry for defense? (If anything)

    I carry one pistol (My .45 Taurus) with two extra mags, a Coldsteel Bushman Knife, and a can of Coldsteel Inferno O.C. spray. This is the knife I carry: http://nagornysknives.com/images/A17-CS95BBUSS.jpg
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    Gun VS Knife for self defense

    So I've been thinking about this one for a long time, and at first, my thoughts were clear. I thought the gun would have about every advantage imaginable. I didn't even think it was a contest. Then, I kept thinking, and I kept imagining a particular situation where a knife would be a clear...