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    Update on IL non-res permits

    Was looking around recently and I see a lot more information from IL now. The list of states whose residents can get non-res permits has expanded, and we can now see what they consider "substatially similar". The list of approved states is now HI, NM, SC, and VA (must be a resident of one of...
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    Posted locations, trespassing, etc.

    n/m. Not as relevant to "open" carry anyway.
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    IL law going through....

    Yes, I know I'm posting this in WI....but I think this is relevant to many of us. Both houses of the IL legislature have passed a CCW bill with a veto-proof majority (although as we know here, that doesn't REALLY mean veto proof...) Some of the more salient details - no reciprocity, but...
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    The latest from people who just can't read the law...

    So I suddenly got hit with variations of this from several different friends: Once again...people can't read.
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    News about Obamacare preventing gun/ammo registration - red herring.

    The net is buzzing today over claims that there's an amendment buried within Obamacare that prevents the gov't from collecting / maintaining information on firearm and ammo usage. I don't believe this is accurate. It only prevents the collection of that information in accordance with other...
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    An old document I haven't seen referenced here before...

    imported post From Wisconsin's Legislative Reference Bureau http://www.legis.state.wi.us/LRB/pubs/wb/00wb11.pdf ... Carrying Firearms in Public. Wisconsin law does not specifically prohibit the open carrying of loaded or unloaded firearms in public, but a person doing so may risk being...
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    Heller case

    imported post For what it's worth, the Heller case is decided and written and will be released tomorrow morning...probably by 10:30 AM eastern. I'm sure it'll hit the major news outlets very quickly. I am encouraged by the fact that Justice Scalia is writing the (majority?) opinion. (I don't...