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    OC Protest on the Las Vegas strip?

    imported post In my "tourist" thread, some options were presented to me. One was to OC with the natives. Perhaps things would be more interesting if a whole bunch of people decided to OC on the strip at the same time. I'd like to "arm" everyone with flyers on OC beforehand and have a few...
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    Tourist going to Las Vegas at MGM Grand

    imported post Oh joy...Nevada has decided that Utah permits are no longer valid. Now I have the option to OC in Las Vegas. I'll be staying at the MGM Grand. So, just a few questions...since a quick check of the last two pages in the NV state forum included several scary threads. 1) MGM...
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    Bethany Beach & OC

    imported post Hi all, I'm going to Bethany Beach (and Rehoboth) this weekend. How are the cops there about OC? I know OC is legal in DE...it's legal here in Virginia, but can result in problems, as Danbus found out :)
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    Reston Tea Party Meet-up

    imported post Anyone up for meeting for dinner before the Reston Tea Party? I'm thinking sometime around 5 PM.
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    OCDO SPECIAL: SouthNarc's ECQC Course in Culpeper March 6-8, 2009

    imported post Everyone, I have two spots left for SouthNarcs Extreme Close Quarters Concepts course that goes from Friday, March 6 (6-10 PM) through Sunday March 8. If you sign up tonight or tomorrow, I'll take $50 off. The cost will then be $350. This is for forum members only. PM me with...
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    SouthNarc's Extreme Close Quarter Concepts Course, March 6-8, 2009

    imported post All, SouthNarc is coming to Virginia! If you openly carry a handgun, this is an excellent course for you. You will learn how to manage unknown contacts to possibly end the encounter early. Additionally, many people are trained to go into the "interview" stance with the gun...
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    Gun rollback and consistent presentation

    imported post As a holster maker, one of the problems I've encountered is that IWB holsters will shift. The shifting causes the presentation of the gun to change. It can annoy the user and result in unconscious adjustments that show the observer the user is carrying a weapon. The causes of...
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    OC and/or CC legal in/at Reagan National Airport?

    imported post Is it legal to OC and/or concealed carry a handgun at Reagan National Airport? I'm not planning upon going in, but are the non-secure areas legal? What about not stepping into the building?
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    Can we get an open carry holster review forum?

    imported post It's somewhat difficult to dig through the Holster subforum for good info on various OC holsters. I'd like to see a dedicated forum that contains only reviews and comments. I'm thinking one holster per thread, just to keep things organized.
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    Legal Fund for Dan Moore

    imported post Anyone else interested in helping Dan out with any legal fees? If we all send him $10 or $20, that'd probably be a big help. Of course, maybe he doesn't need ot.
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    Anyone else MISS the GOLD medal we won in Double Trap?

    imported post Sheesh...I didn't see anything on cnn.com's Olympics page about how our guy won gold in Double Trap...and set TWO Olympic records.
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    Culpeper, Virginia Range Day: August 23 or 24

    imported post All, The range will be open for an action day. I posted it in the "General Discussion" forum: http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum65/14569.html
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    Culpeper, Virginia Range Day: August 23 or 24

    imported post All, Team Ruthless has offered to open their Culpeper, VA range up for a range day on August 23, 2008. We can do whatever we want: some training, general shooting, IPSC/IDPA/polite society-type stuff, or whatever you can think of. The range is approximately 30 yards in length...
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    Penalty for carrying concealed where prohibited on private property

    imported post What is the penalty for carrying concealed on private property where such has been prohibited? I cannot find anything on it here or in the code. http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+18.2-308 Is the penalty: 1) nothing...all they can do is tell you to leave, or...
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    Close Range Combat Shooting and World War II Combatives Seminar

    imported post I know some of you need some practice...here's your chance. It's time to get out there and shoot! You will learn a variety of techniques to help you survive a violent encounter. Take a look and I hope to see you there. --cREbralFIX *** Close Range Combat Shooting and World...
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    Force on Force Practice Sessions in Manassas, VA

    imported post All: I'd like to invite you to practice with us at The Warriors Forge in Manassas, Virginia. The cost is $10. We practice getting off the X, moving while shooting, various combatives and shooting concepts, and do some scenarios. The practice takes place in their fencing room...
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    OC Gym

    imported post I've been going to Team Ruthless in Manassas, Virginia for quite awhile now. I OC'd my P220 and two spare magazines while doing my workout. Considering people walk in with AKs, swords, knives, and just about anything else you can imagine, OC is clearly NOT a problem :celebrate
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    Suits and Sport Coats

    imported post I know this isn't about open carry.... I'm interested in CCWing wearing a sport coat or suit. I received a nice sport coat for Christmas, but it causes OBVIOUS PRINTING (almost OC-ing) even with a Glock 26. The spare magazines are also obvious. Does anyone know of a tailor in...
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    I need more guns...when is the next "Gun Buyback"?

    imported post As the subject says...when's the next gun buyback in VA?
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    Carry Knives

    imported post Hi all, I just took the AMOK! seminar in Manassas with Tom Sotis this past weekend. I learned a lot and am changing my daily carry knife. Here is the relevant part of the VA code: http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+18.2-308...