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    Bavarian Inn

    imported post So, I finally got a response from the Bavarian Inn here in Frankenmuth after they asked me to cover up and told me I couldn't even carry concealed in there. I had to send them another message, but I finally got a response, and from their President too... it's not good news...
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    Picnic in Frankenmuth

    imported post Heritage Park OC Picnic Where To Meet: Heritage Park Address: 601 Weiss Street Frankenmuth, Michigan When: Sunday, July 19, 2009 Time: 12:00 Noon - ? The park is behind the Bavarian Inn Lodge. There is a pavilion and some beach volleyball courts. There is a small playground...
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    Meet-up in Bridgeport

    imported post Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the dinner in Sanford, but I still think it's time for another meal in the area. I think Bridgeport might be a good candidate. There's all of the normal fast-food, Big Boy, Cracker Barrel, and the TA truck stop restaurant. The TA is attached...
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    MDOT Adopt-A-Highway

    imported post I know this has been brought up before, but it's pick-up season. In fact, we already missed the first period. I noticed today that a stretch of 54/83 going into Birch Run is available. Is anybody interested in participating if MOC adopts this stretch? I just want to get some...
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    Sandford Get Together

    imported post At the Midland gun show, I had a suggestion for a restaurant in Sanford. I believe the place was Alex's Railside Restaurant. Is anybody interested in meeting for lunch or dinner next weekend, May 9th or 10th...
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    Meetup in Mt Pleasant

    imported post Where To Meet:Bob Evans Restaurant Address: 5652 E Pickard Street Mt Pleasant, MI 48858 Phone: (989) 779-2818 When:Thursday, April 9, 2009 Time:6:30 PM
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    Meetup in Birch Run

    imported post You guessed it. It's time to start planning the next meeting in this area. Going on the unofficial 2 week schedule, we're due for a meal Saturday, March 7th. Does this date work for anybody? Is there more interest in a lunch or dinner? Weekend or weekday? Any preference on where...
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    Fox 66 News

    imported post Last night on the 10pm news, Fox 66 actually covered this story... in a positive manner. The anchor actually said "I bet they won't try that again" :D I was very surprised to see it, and even more surprised that they covered it and it happend in Arizona...
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    Dinner in Saginaw

    imported post This may be a bit soon, but some of the guys in Midland expressed interest in something in Saginaw. Also, a few people cancelled last minute, so maybe they'll make it to Saginaw. I was thinking of giving it a couple of weeks and going for something around Thursday, February 12th...
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    Dinner in the Midland Area

    imported post Well, I have a friend or two in the Midland area that are interested in OC. One of them has a schedule that doesn't usually allow him to attend events on the weekends. I work a 9-5 job. That being said, would anybody be interested in a dinner meeting during the week sometime in...
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    Get-together in Frankenmuth

    imported post Alright, hopefully third times a charm for setting something up in Frankenmuth. There was interest in another thread to get together on the 27th, so let's set that as the tentative date. I'd say around 11 or 12 would be good, so we can eat, and walk around to some shops. Anyway...
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    Retention Holsters are for Protection from the Police

    imported post Well, here it is... I needed windshield washer fluid for my car, so I decided to stop at the only gas station in Grayling that wasn't packed with cars already. It happened to be the Shell station, and coincidentally there was also a Grayling PD car at one of the pumps. I went in...
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    Do you carry ALL the time?

    imported post I'm just curious how many people carry 100% of the time (when legal). Vote in the poll, and leave an explanation if you do not carry all the time. ETA: This is in the Michigan forum, because I'm curious about other OCers in my state and would like to limit it to votes from...
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    Voting Armed

    imported post I don't think I've seen this in the Michigan forum. I did a little searching and couldn't find much in the few minutes I was looking. Did I miss something? Is anybody going to OC and vote? I plan to unless I find something telling me it's illegal.
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    Get-Together in MIdland/Saginaw/Frankenmuth Area

    imported post I know it's going to get colder (I think?) soon, and the picnic season is coming to an end. I also know that I would have loved to be at the AA picnic and would love to make the Belle Isle picnic, but I just can't make the drive at this time. So, how many people would be...
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    Shopping in Frankenmuth

    imported post Well, I've wanted to get something together for a while now, but now with the incident ruger had with the chief in Frankenmuth (http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum30/15720.html), I think it's definitely time to get together here. There are a lot of nice shops downtown, and the...
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    Sig p239 holster advice

    imported post I just got my new Sig p239 today. I was all excited to carry it, and then I realized I need a holster ;) so, I haven't really decided yet if I will want to primarily OC or CC this guy yet, but my girlfriend will probably end up carrying it, and she will CC most of the time. I...
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    Suggestion for Future Events

    imported post I'd like to claim this idea, but it was actually my girlfriends. I think for future events maybewe should add nametags to the supplies list. I think this would be helpful for new people. We could put both our real names and forum names on the tag. I don't know, maybethis isn't...
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    Frankenmuth Autofest

    imported post Frankenmuth Autofest is coming up. I actually forgot about it until I saw a banner here in town. Here's a link: http://www.frankenmuthautofest.com/ Enjoy many activities and attractions for you and your family during this kickin' Classic Car weekend!There's plenty to do with...
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    College Classroom

    imported post I don't remember seeing this issue addressed here before... According to the MSP website, and the back of my CPL, one of the "pistol free areas" isa dormitory or classroom of a community college, college, or university. Has there been a clear cut ruling on what would be deemed...