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  1. J

    CCW Class on July 5th

    I've had a request for a CCW Class on July 5th. Utah, WI, MN, IA, FL I have the time, if there's enough interest. La Crosse Area. JJC
  2. J

    Utah CCW in La Crosse

    Two weeks until my next Utah CCW class. May 25th. Starts 07:30 to 11:30 am. I'm also offering WI, MN, & FL on this same day.
  3. J

    Shooting Ranges around the Milwaukee area.

    A friend of mine is moving to Milwaukee soon, (I'm trying to talk him out of it -- something about work). He'll need direction on places to shoot. Short and long weapons. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. JJC
  4. J

    CCW Class Scheduled for Jan 19th

    My next La Crosse Utah CCW class is scheduled for Saturday January 19th 2013. JJC
  5. J

    Utah permit class in La Crosse Oct 20th. 8 am - 12 pm.

    If interested let me know. JJC
  6. J

    CCL Class La Crosse - April 15th 8 am - 3 pm

    CCL Class Qualifies for Arizona, Minnesota, Florida & Wisconsin. JJC
  7. J

    Refund today from Peoples Foo CO-OP - Reason BANNED

    I recieved a refund today from the La Crosse Peoples Food Co-op. On the reciept the reason was stated as follows; Banned because he carries a Firearm. When I drove by over the weekend, I observed a very large crowd of Anti-Walker people taking up valuable space on the sidewalk. This reciept...
  8. J

    Lady's only Class

    I heard from a husband of a "lady" that attended my class on Dec 3rd. He told that the first thing she said to him when she got home from the class was WE'RE going shopping for a gun for ME. His response was that she could use the one she brought to class. Her response was that NO, that was...
  9. J

    La Crosse Peoples Food CO-OP

    They're posted. I talked with the manager yesterday. When asked the reason for posting, (Quote) I want to protect my employees. (unquote). I inquired as to what steps he's taking to protect employees and customers he stated he's instructed his employees to watch for weapons, then call the LEO...
  10. J

    CCW Class

    CCW Class Dec 3rd and 4th. (Dec 3rd Women only) Badgerstates Sportsmens club. Stoddard, WI (Just south of La Crosse) Minnesota, Florida and Wisconsin Certification available. Wisconsin "Only" Certification = $60.00 All three: $100.00 Start time: 8:00am Finish Time: 3:00pm JJC
  11. J

    La Crosse County to Post Gov Building

    La Crosse County is planning on Posting their Buildings against weapons. Looks like the tax payer is going to be on the hook for paying for a lawsuit if anything happens to a county worker while at work. JJC
  12. J

    Pharmacist get's fired for foiling robbery at Walgreens

    http://news.yahoo.com/fired-pharmacist-foiled-robbers-sues-walgreens-191136600.html Need to watch ourselves around Walgreens JJC
  13. J

    Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire

    David Keating, vice president of corporate communications for General Growth Properties, said guns are not to be allowed at Oakwood Mall. GGP owns and operates the Eau Claire retail outlet. "As private businesses, we do not allow weapons on our properties," Keating said. "In the event a public...
  14. J

    Don't mess with a retired Marine!

    A Retired Marine and former Pan Am/Delta Pilot John Lovell is Top Gun at Subway sandwich shop! Plantation, Florida: Last week police were called to investigate an attempted armed robbery: The 71-year-old retired Marine who opened fire on two robbers at a Plantation, Florida, Subway shop late...
  15. J

    Alliant Energy Center in Madison WI

    I'm visiting Madison next month, and plan on visiting the Alliant Energy Center. My Question is: who owns the Alliant Energy Center, the City of Madison or is it private??? JJC
  16. J

    Illinois Pushing for CCW will make it before Wisconsin

    Friday, February 25, 2011 House Bill 148, the Right-to-Carry bill introduced by Representative Brandon Phelps (D-118), represents one of the best opportunities gun owners have had in many years to strengthen the right-to-self defense in Illinois. HB 148 seeks to establish a shall-issue...
  17. J

    Remember to get out and Vote tomorrow.

    VOTE ! Spring Primary! Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Plug this into your BROwser for a comparison grid. It is scary. hands down we need to get the vote out for prosser this next Tuesday February 15th.!!! http://www.yourwisconsinvote.org/materials/PrimaryInformationPublication.pdf...
  18. J

    Illinois pushing for CCW

    Illinois: Rep. Beiser pushes for Right-to-Carry State Rep. Dan Beiser said he is working to bring Illinois in line with 48 other states in co sponsoring legislation allowing responsible gun owners to carry concealed weapons in public. "As a legislator, I am always advocating for the protection...
  19. J

    Onalaska Wisconsin Police telling lies,

    Attended a Brithday party for my granddaughter last night. ( was held at a local bowling alley). Being "law abiding" I called and inquired about being allowed to OC. The Manager stated "they didn't have a sign against it but they didn't think it would be a good thing". I responded not a problem...
  20. J

    Get out and Vote

    Be sure to VOTE! And vote Prosser!! Everyone, I don't know if this has been brought up yet, but we have VERY IMPORTANT PRIMARY ELECTION FOR WI SUPREME COURT justice coming up IN TWO WEEKS (Feb. 15th). The left has been quietly mobilizing since their devastating loss last November and has two...