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  1. riverrat10k

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    Maskless OC at Wawa, southern states, great big greenhouse, dollar tree, Lowe's, food lion, and the Lee statue. No one said a word to me. Guess I look "scary". Good! Wouldn't want to defend myself but......,..,,..
  2. riverrat10k

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    PS VA supreme Court refused to rule, leaving lower court ban in place.
  3. riverrat10k

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    This seems to be the most active thread on what's left of this board. God bless Grapeshot may he rest in peace. Hopefully, he, Peter Nap, and Skidmark can appreciate some of the signage I put on the Port-a-jons I rented for the party. You old timers that attend will see. Anecdotal: 1000 state...
  4. riverrat10k

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    Oh yeah, forgot about my local Walmart Sunday. Friend invited me to Target shoot at his place and searching the safe revealed only hollow point ammo. (why is it ammo instead of ammu?) Anyway, no one in sporting goods so went to electronics and asked for help in sporting goods. Heard the page...
  5. riverrat10k

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    Oc'd at Lowe's, southern states, and Wawa last weekend. Only comment was at Wawa where clerk said he owned a Glock
  6. riverrat10k

    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    No sign Thank you, TD!
  7. riverrat10k

    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    Checking in this tomorrow, 11/14, for you. Will post
  8. riverrat10k

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    Hah, Double Tap! Made it to Pickle Barrel tonight without ya. Sorry u couldn't make it, hope I can see ya soon. Jane, Joe, JC, Allissa, and (gasp) Reed say HI! Riverrat
  9. riverrat10k

    Checking in

    Been lax. Back in the game
  10. riverrat10k

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    I've been lax lately for various reasons. Back in bidness.
  11. riverrat10k

    Virginia’s Democratic Government Announced It Will Begin Confiscating Guns From Law-Abiding Gun Owners. Red State

    Molon labe. Personally. Bring your grown children to help you.
  12. riverrat10k

    Greater Richmond OC Dinner - Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00 p.m. at Pickle Barrel

    Believe it or not, I am still around and will C y'all in a coupla hours.
  13. riverrat10k

    It's Benn Awhile...

    But glad to hear you ain't being hassled as much. Man with firearm protecting his children and spouse is a good thing!
  14. riverrat10k

    It's Benn Awhile...

    We lost a lot with the loss of Peter Nap, Skidmark, and especially, Grapeshot, here in VA. Dale was a moderator, don't know if for all States. The loss of his leadership is sorely missed. Too bad you don't have any new stories, Jahwarrior. Your stuff is/was some of the greatest evah on this forum!
  15. riverrat10k


    I am going SOMEWHERE for breakfast tomorrow. Sent some PM's. If I don't hear back, I will be at the Bob Evans on Midlothian and the Powhite whenever the hell I get there. Carry On. riverrat
  16. riverrat10k

    2nd post today--Unicorn at Cracker Barrel!!!???!!???

    Family dinner at CB this evening (not my choice), Rt 360 near Brandermill, Richmond suburbs. Looked around and a young guy is eating by himself, has a very pretty colt 1911 on his hip. We finish up around the same time and I excuse myself from my family, introduce myself to him, and ask if I...
  17. riverrat10k

    1st of two posts today---Lori Haas calls NRA and VCDL members radicals

    Haven't started or even posted to a thread for some time, but regularly check in. From the Sunday 2-21 Richmond Times Dispatch editorial section http://www.richmond.com/opinion/their-opinion/guest-columnists/article_61824fb9-b31e-5980-b4a2-510b5a943a87.html last paragraph, emphasis mine: "A...
  18. riverrat10k

    Rights in hospitals.

    Had to take my wife to the er this week. Sucked. An hour in, a woman brought the treatment consent form for her to sign. Wife was puking non-stop. I said give me the clipboard. The woman complied and started waiting around for me to sign it. Just above the signature line was a the phrase " I...
  19. riverrat10k

    Western New Yorkers tell Gov. Cuomo and politicians to eat it.

    Clarence, NY, suburb of Buffalo. http://www.market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=216990 Watch it! Many of those speaking are veterans.