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  1. KRM59

    New Gun For Open Carry

  2. KRM59

    Gun safe for Harley

    Floor Board gun safe Not sure who makes them but not very long ago i saw an ad for Motorcycle floor board gun safe. It was cool, and my VTX does have floor boards but i use my saddle bags to store my fire arm when needed. They lock shut and lock to the bike, as far as stealing the whole bike...
  3. KRM59

    Hello Kentucky Krew,

    Greetings to OCDO first of all welcome to the group.... ! I know this is off topic, but i do OC while riding so wanted to share my sexy beast with my Ky OC friends. both ones i have met and ones i hope to. and no Drake you can't ride on the back :lol:
  4. KRM59

    Radio show comming up mid October

    I am asking you all to help me with a Radio show i will be doing mid October. And 2A and open carry will be what i will be discussing. now with that said, i am fairly new to oc and i have seen some posters on here that are very articulate and have great information. If anyone would like to...
  5. KRM59

    Imformative Pamplets

    I was wondering if any of you would have an outline of an oc flyer or trifold pamplet i could get the print out some to pass out around my area. anything to get me started would be great.
  6. KRM59

    This weeks Tuesday Radio show

    I am Live on air, and with Johns permission if anyone has any thoughts they would like to share i would be glad to read it to the world.
  7. KRM59

    OC Friendly

    I just had a very possitive OC experiance at the local Dollar General Market. I had never OC'ed there before and being fairly new to OC was a bit apprehensive knowing they have LCO (Louisville corrections Officer ) as security. And i was not in the mood for 20 questions, was in a bit of a hurry...
  8. KRM59

    For all Kentucky OCer's

    This is what i have found out about OC in the state of Kentucky. now i have read the KY constitution and yes we have the 2nd amendment but for all pactical Purpose's there is no OC Law at all either for it or against it. If you OC it is deemed frontier rule and yes you can do it. But if there...
  9. KRM59

    Embarrassed to ask

    Well i am 50 years old and ex military but i still do not know for sure if i can carry openly in the city of Louisville without fear of Harrassment for Law enforcement. I understand there are places you can not carry open or concealed but what exactly are the laws here? i can't find anything...