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    Heard over IMPD scanner

    Was listening to IMPD on broadcastify. They had a call (Paraphrased): Dispatcher: "Black male w/ a gun. Need officer to check him out." Officer: "What's he doing?" Dispatcher: "Sitting on a porch step." Officer: "Is he pointing the gun at someone?" Dispatcher: "No, it's in a holster on...
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    Modern SAO handguns?

    I prefer a SA handgun, but looking for something not on a 1911 platform, and built with modern materials. What choices are out there? (preferably in .45, although I would not mind a 9mm)
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    Pics of our open carry meet back in July

    Sorry this took so long. Here's a few pics of our meet in Asheville back in July.
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    Using Evapo Rust to clean old revolver?

    imported post Would anyone recommend using Evapo Rust to clean a rusty old revolver? Since I can immerse the whole pistol in the solution, this says it will work the best if I do that.
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    Iver Johnsons revolver. Worth fixing?

    imported post Found an Iver Johnsons .22 Magnum 8 shot revolver while cleaning out my Moms basement. It was my dads, but he passed away 25 years ago, so it's fairly old. Not in great shape and rusted, and the cheap plastic grips are cracked. No other damage to the gun though. Would it be worth...
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    Asheville OC Meet

    imported post Trying to drum up interest in having an OC meet here in the Asheville area. I've sent out some PMs to people that expressed interest in previous threads but have not had any responses yet. Please let me know if you would bewilling, and what area(s) you would want to meet in, and...
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    Hypothetical situation

    imported post In this scenario, you are OCing while shopping. Unseen by you, a uniformedLEO comes up behind you and grabs your pistol without announcing their presence. You struggle to maintain posession for a few seconds until you realize it's a LEO and immediately stop resisting. What is...
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    State of Emergency

    imported post So, if my area is in a state of emergency due to the snow / ice, would you advise doing OC, knowing that it's technically against the law?
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    First post and first OC

    imported post I live in Asheville and I don't see a lot of OC around here, it being a known liberal bastion and all. I finally got around to doing it last week and there were no problems. I did not get any comments about it directly, but one thing I noticed was that people were almost...