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  1. K

    Academy Sports pulled their ARs

    from the shelves and put them in the back. I asked them about that... Stephanie H.: Hi, my name is Stephanie H.. How may I help you? Stephanie H.: Hello KS! KS: I hear AS pulled the AR from the shelves. Is that right? Stephanie H.: To protect both our customers and team members, and to...
  2. K

    What happened to Armed Badger.com?

    When I try to log in it goes to hostgator???
  3. K

    OC - can you get a disturbing the peace ticket?

    I realize there is no preemption so localities can restrict OC, but... 1) If one carries in an allowed community, and there is a complaint, can one be given a ticket for disturbing the peace? 2) If one carries in a community were OC is not allowed, and there is an accidental viewing, can one...
  4. K

    What is the statute that permits open carry?

    I have the pre-emption statute. I have the statute which eliminates the disorderly conduct issue for open carry. What is the statute that allows open carry? Thanks.
  5. K

    State pre-emption for open carry?

    Is there a pre-emption where localities cannot restrict open carry? Is it different: - If you have a license. - If you don't have a license. Thanks.
  6. K

    2 $ bills

    There's been a bit of a movement to start using two dollar bills when paying cash for items. This is a point of contact for support of 2A. It can be a means to initiate conversation about gun rights/CCW, and can be seen as an easy and quiet way to continually show support. Next time you cash...
  7. K

    Gun in a vehicle on school grounds

    There's been some confusion about having a gun on school property. We know you can't carry open or concealed (outside of struck rules) on the grounds. Some have said you can't have one in a car. I reviewed 648/61 and it looks like you can have it in a car unloaded and in case, or a locked...
  8. K

    Recommendation for a concealed carry site

    Any recommendations for a concealed carry site that would at least include a section on WI? I'm assuming this site will revert to more Open carry once this rush is over. I've been to the WI Shooters site but there no action there. Looking for some options to share ideas. keep up with the law...
  9. K

    Concealed / open carry while hunting? OK?

    Anything definitive in this area?
  10. K

    Accidently entering a posted area...

    If you miss the sign, can you be immediately ticketed? Do you have to be afforded an opportunity to leave? ksks
  11. K

    Are ATV/snowmobiles referenced inSB93?

    340.01(35) (35) "Motor vehicle" means a vehicle, including a combination of 2 or more vehicles or an articulated vehicle, which is self-propelled, except a vehicle operated exclusively on a rail. "Motor vehicle" includes, without limitation, a commercial motor vehicle or a vehicle which is...
  12. K

    need help posting

    I have a summary with footnotes, but when I try to post none of the notes copy. It is in Word. If I email it to someone, can you post it with all the references attached? ks
  13. K

    cheat sheet for carry, help me out, is this accurate, please provide law if needed

    for a correction... Concealed Carry License Handgun, Knife, Taser, Billy club Where I can not carry. 1) Police Station 2) Sheriff Dept. 3) State Patrol 4) County, State or Federal Courthouse 5) Airport -beyond secured area 6) Prison, jail, HOC, Sand Ridge, WRC, secured portion of MH...
  14. K

    Get documentation of your training

    These comments have nothing to do with training for the permit I don't want to open that argument... What I am referring to is getting training so you can offer some proof in court that you know how to handle a firearm, know the laws, know self defense issues and show yourself as a responsible...
  15. K

    questions about proposed law

    http://www.wisconsincarry.org/pdf/bills/LRB-11-2027-1.pdf Penalties for certain offenses related to weapons The bill establishes penalties for offenses that relate to concealed weapons or that are committed by licensees. First, a licensee or out−of−state licensee who fails to carry his or her...