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    imported post Were there any MWAG news reports for Sunday evening in Atlanta (sw)? I picked up a tail when leaving a GFZ, who had what looked like a cheap box cutter in his palm. When I was entering an empty area I sent family ahead while I squatted down and removed my ankle holster to put in...
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    Ammo Supply

    imported post Now that california can't buy ammo, you would think there would be more on the shelves for the rest of us. At 1 50 round box a month for a store, 1 tuckload will last the state for a year minimum. So where is all the leftovers they used to buy hiding? No I don't feel sorry for...
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    State of Emergency

    imported post So how does the emergency declaration work now. The government can't take your gun by law, so how do they work an arrest? Do they set up an armed wing of the jail for people who are caught while armed?
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    Pro Gun - Literary

    imported post Best Pro OC book..... Probability Broach ( L. Neil Smith) Haven't run across any more Pro OC book in my life. Going to have to reread soon, I can't remember if OC'ing starts at 6 or 8 years old.:celebrate:celebrate
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    Lowndes Sheriff arested

    imported post http://www.wsfa.com/Global/story.asp?S=11188348 Is there any local coverage of this great turn of events? Ran across the story looking up another criminal enterprise, no coverage up this half of the state. Police forces arresting each other, must be funny watching them pat each...
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    Town Hall Meeting

    imported post Would love for a citizen to wear an empty holster to todays fixed hall meeting, and ask BHO how you are supposed to believe he won't take your doctor away when he said the same thing about your gun. And point to the empty holster. Would love to see the hemmig and hawing as he...
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    Swine Flu

    imported post Did anyone try to OC while wearing a surgical mask? Alas my state was left out till after the scare was over, so I couldn't try it.:cool: But any case law prohibiting you from defending against virus attacks? Can the state mandate you risk death if you refuse to risk death by...
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    Which side to holster?

    imported post Well the wife is finally getting ready to OC this summer, practicing draws for the big day. So what is the best way for couples? both strong side right hand. left side right side with guns to the inside. left and right with guns to the outside. I just don't see her going hole...
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    Gatlinburg OC

    imported post Got the bad news today, I have to go to gatlinburg, TN for a weekend. How is the OC climate up there? TN honors my CCW, and my CCW says I must obey the local laws in TN, so OC is required by my sherrifs own literature.:celebrate Which attracks more attention, Black, Blue, or...
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    Self not defense

    imported post What is with standing around to be shot? A single shot .22 rifle, gee he just shot my friend, i'll wait for reloading to find out if it was an accident. I'm shure there would be no where you could place the kid that you couldn't stop him after first shot. So how do you get two...
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    cwp reason

    imported post Has anyone tried a truthful reason.... say "President Obama" on an app yet? I do fear for my bullets home being foreclosed on. He could be this biggest detriment to OC, hard to make leo believe the gun fell in the river when it is sitting on your hip.
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    Modify Permit

    imported post Since it was upheld that it wasn't a crime to modify state licence plate on your own car. Couldn't the same be used to modify permit back? She was dedacting 'offensive' language, can't we do the same to those offensive restrictions?
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    Any fast draw holster?

    imported post I've seen lots of 'incedents' with LEO who want us to conceal the piece. Well I've just seen a good deal on a Wildey, and figure there is no way that it is going to ever be consealed so I wouldn't be able to comply if I wanted to. But how to qick draw a monster like that when...
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    Left handed firearms

    imported post Looking for suggestions for left handed firearms, long guns and pistols. Need to combat brainwashing by local school district before it is too late. tripod mounted 50 cal is overkill for my little range....... but would probably help get the main fireant queen. "I swear they were...