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    Ill be visiting PA this come week... anything I need to be aware of?

    The family and I will be in PA this coming week...driving in from WI... I have a WI CCL... anything I need to be aware of while carrying in the Commonwealth? (besides the obvious...school zones, court houses, etc) From reading the threads on here, OC is allowed in the same places that CC is...
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    OC/CC Meet greet Saturday 16 March . 9am Elies family Restaurant

    Its time again! I need an order of eggs benedict. Madison, WI. OC/CC meet and greet. Saturday March 16, 2013. 9am. Elie's Family Restaurant. 4102 Monona Dr. Madison.
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    OC/CC Meet greet...Saturday 19 Jan . 9am Elies Family Restuarant...anyone...anyone?

    OC/CC Meet/Greet ...Elies, Monona Dr. Madison... Sat, Jan 19, 2013.... 9am... anyone interested?
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    'No Guns Allowed' what EXACTLY does this mean... ?

    Does it only mean no 'CC/CC' ? OR does it mean 'NO GUNS' at all... not even those encased/cleared? And can any cite any definitive statute. Could one logically argue that said sign is inclusive of ALL firearms...even those encased?
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    1st Anniversary of WI CCL meet and greet at Elies Restaurant ! Saturday Nov 3 2012

    Even if you weren't amongst that group that was there last Nov. 1st...Join us for a meet and greet at Elies on Nov 3rd at 10 am (BRUNCH). Elies Family Restaurant, 4102 Monona Drive. Madison WI. Even if you just recently got your CCL, join us!
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    OC/CC Meet greet...Saturday 11 Aug. 8am Elies Family Restuarant

    Its been a while since we've done breakfast! 8am Elies Family Restuarant. Corner of Monona Dr, and Buckeye Rd. See you all there!
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    Visiting from Wisconsin !

    Looks like I will be in SD with my family in mid August....any OC/CC nuances i should be aware of? Planning on going through Sioux Falls en route to Mount Rushmore and the black hills....
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    Fish Fry this Friday (May 25) at Elies in Monona?

    I know this is kinda short notice...Anyone interested in meeting at Elies on Monona Dr in Madison? Im planning on being there around 6.30ish... Otherwise, we will be having a meet/greet breakfast in the near future also!
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    Amateur Radio ops/ CC/OC in AZ?

    Greetings fellow OCers! Im a ham in WI and encountered some interesting things lately. I'm attaching a link to the thread on the WI OC page... http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?102343-Ham-Radio-Field-day-2012-anyone-interested Seems that the ARRL is getting interested...
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    Ham Radio Field day 2012....anyone interested?

    Its come the the attention of a bunch of us in south central WI that ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services, an organization of the ARRL) has stated that the volunteer members are not allowed to be armed with any type of weapon... I was talking with another local ham who is 'one of us'....We are...
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    Madison OC/CC meet and greet... Sat, 24 March 8am Ellies family Restaurant

    OC/CC Meet and greet at Ellies Family Restaurant, 4201 Monona Dr. madison WI., 8am... How does this sound to you guys? Anyone? Anyone? :-)
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    Great intercation with my sons 1st grade teacher in Madison...!

    Went to pick up the kids from school today...my 6yo and his teacher asked me to 'come in to the classroom and see something'... I told both of them that I really cant do that...my son walked away to see a friend...His teacher and started a discussion...and i told her WHY i couldnt come into the...
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    OC/CC Meet and greet..Elies Family Restaurant Madison, Sat Feb 11. 8.30 am ?

    Time to get together at Elie's again...Sat Feb 11. How does breakfast at 8.30 sound? Elie's Family Restaurant 4201 Monona Dr. Madison WI.
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    Firearm posession at voting location

    Am i mistaken or have I read on here that a polling place is (unless otherwise prohibited) a prohibited carry location?
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    Not a far fetched possiblity...in Madison..

    Say i walk into a store that's posted....i DONT see the posting on the door...Im CC...I turn to look at something and my jacket briefly reveals my side arm... is the store owner obligated to ask me to leave or can he just call LE and have me charged with trespassing? In this situation, is the...
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    OC/CC Meet greet...Elies Family Restaurant, Monona Dr. Madision Sat, 7 Jan 2012 9am

    Sorry...short notice...Got a note from Viper regarding making this a monthly thing...looks like itll be this Saturday...9am.... Hope to see you all there!
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    Camping, state and federal parks. summation of allowances?

    Can anyone give me a summation of carry laws regarding WI state parks and US Parks/Federal lands (parks and forests) Thanks guys!
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    OC CC in MN...what to know?

    Can anyone give a good simple rundown of whats allowed/not allowed when it comes to carrying in MN? What about expectations of LE when being stopped etc. Rights of the individual while walking down the street? etc...Thanks guys!
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    OC Meet and greet.... LakeDelton/WI Dells Ponderosa... Friday 23 Dec 2011...

    Anyone interested in this? Im craving those wings!
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    Friday 16 Dec 2011...OC/CC meet/greet Fish Fry at Ellie's ...anyone interested?

    Any one interested going to Ellie's in Madison/Monona for a fish fry? She has great catfish!